How to Write in Business Letter Format

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In Brief...

When writing a business letter, follow the guidelines set within your organization, if there are any. If not, the following guidelines should be used.

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  1. Write the letter on company letterhead.
  2. Use block format. That is, all of the text should be left-justified (no paragraph indentation) and single spaced, with a blank line between each section and paragraph.
  3. Begin the letter with the date, followed by the sender's address if it is not included on the letterhead.
  4. Next, include the sender's address.
  5. Next comes the salutation, which ends with a colon.
  6. The body text should be in paragraph format, with each paragraph separated by a blank line.
  7. Next, include a closing line, such as "Best regards,"
  8. Finally, conclude the letter with a signature block, which is a few blank lines that will allow the sender to physically sign his or her name to the letter after it is printed, followed by the sender's typed name and title, if applicable.

Author: Margaux Judge

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