How to Work with Hidden Characters in Adobe Illustrator

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In Brief...

Hidden characters identify the white space in text, such as paragraph returns, the space between words, tabs, etc. Showing those characters can be useful when proofing a project, or during a Find/Replace operation.

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  1. To make the hidden characters visible , go to Type > Show Hidden Characters.
    Type Menu
  2. The white space markers now appear in the text.

Author: Kate Cahill

Kate Cahill is a graphic designer, writer, and creative director who has developed content for print and web. As creative director, she has produced award-winning work for agencies focused on the pharmaceutical and health and beauty aid industries. She has also served as production manager, with responsibility for the successful fulfillment of long-run print contracts. Kate has been delivering training for Webucator clients since 2010. Her enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology, combined with hands-on practical experience, brings an added benefit to her classes. Kate teaches real-world techniques and integration of Adobe software, as well as Microsoft PowerPoint, to produce a fully developed and cohesive brand identity.