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How to Set Up a Google AdWords Campaign

The following steps show how to get your Google AdWords campaign started in your AdWords account.

Creating Ad Campaigns

Step 1: If this is your first campaign, then you can click the Create your first campaign button to start building your campaign.

If this is not your first campaign in your Google AdWords account, then first navigate to the Campaigns tab. Click on the + CAMPAIGN button as shown in the following screenshot:
Create Campaign Screen

Step 2: You can choose your campaign settings (name for your new campaign, audience language, location, network settings, bidding and budget options, etc.) as shown in the following example:
Campaign Settings

You will need to provide the following basic information to create your campaign:

  1. A name for your campaign (e.g., Promote Services).
  2. The language your ad will be written in and the locations where you want your ads to appear (location of potential customers).
  3. Where you want your ad to appear. There is a default setting of all available devices, or you have the option to select the devices on which you want your ad to appear.
  4. The amount you're willing to spend on average each day for the ad campaign. Your budget will help determine how many times your ad can be shown each day.

Creating Ad Groups

Ad groups help to organize your marketing initiatives. Once you have completed the steps above for creating an ad campaign, you will be taken to the following screen to create ad groups for your campaign.
Create AdGroup Screen

You will need to provide the following basic information to create your ad group:

  1. A landing page.
  2. A name for your ad group (e.g., Promote LED TVs).
  3. The amount for your default bid. This is the maximum amount you're willing to pay each time a user clicks your ad.
  4. The list of keywords for this particular ad group.

Once you have clicked Save and finish, your ads will begin showing on Google shortly. To view your ads as they would appear on a regular Google search results page without accruing extra impressions in your account, you can use Ad Preview and Diagnosis on the Tools tab.

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