How to Set Up for XML, XSLT, or XML Schema Training

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In Brief...

Setting up for our XML, XSLT, or XML Schema classes is easy.


Operating System Requirements

You can use any modern operating system in this class. If you have any doubts about your operating system, please email

To set up your computer for one of our XML classes, all you need are:

  1. An XML Editor. We recommend one of the following:
    1. Windows
      1. XMLSpy Professional Edition
      2. Stylus Studio
      3. Liquid XML Studio
    2. Mac
      1. oXygen XML Developer
    3. If you choose to use a different XML editor, please be sure that it:
      1. Can validate XML documents against XML Schemas and DTDs.
      2. Can transform XML documents against XSLTs.
  2. A Web browser
  3. The XML Class Files

Download and Install Class Files

  1. Download the class zip file for your class:
    1. Introduction to XML.
    2. Introduction to XML Schema.
    3. Comprehensive XML Training.
    4. XSLT 1.0 and XPath 1.0 Training.
    5. XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 Training.
  2. After downloading the class files, create a directory on your hard drive named "Webucator" that can be found easily.
    1. On Windows it is recommended the new folder have a path of C:\Webucator.
    2. On Mac OS X a good location for the new folder may be in your Documents directory.
  3. Extract the files to the folder you just created.

Author: Nat Dunn

Nat Dunn founded Webucator in 2003 to combine his passion for web development with his business expertise and to help companies benefit from both.