How to Set Up for Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Setting up for Microsoft PowerPoint Training is easy.

Operating System Requirements

PC: Windows 7 or later

Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. You will need Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your machine. There are no free trials available.
  2. If you don't already have the correct version of Microsoft PowerPoint for your class, you can use the version of PowerPoint that comes with Office 365. Note that there will be some differences between your version of PowerPoint and what you see in the course (e.g., the colors you see won't always match the examples in screenshots and presentations, a command might be located on a different menu in your version of PowerPoint than shown in the course, etc). However, for most students this is not a problem. When you have questions, just ask your instructor.

Class Files

  1. Create a new folder named Webucator wherever you want, but make sure you remember where it is.
  2. Download the class files from your main class page and unzip them into the Webucator folder.