How to Set Up for Advanced CSS Training

Setting up for Advanced CSS is easy.

Operating System Requirements

PC: Windows 10 or later or Mac: OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8) or later

To set up your computer for CSS training, all you need are:

  1. Visual Studio Code (Download, Install, and Set up )
    • While you may use a different editor or IDE, Visual Studio Code is an excellent IDE to learn to code on. It provides a nice balance of power and simplicity and it is available on Windows and Mac.
  2. A Web browser (The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari)
  3. Sass - the CSS scripting language and compiler.
    1. Sass requires the Ruby scripting language to be installed:
      1. Mac users already have Ruby installed.
      2. PC users should download and install Ruby Installer
    2. Once Ruby is installed, open a command prompt ("Terminal" on a Mac; "Start" > "cmd" on Windows) and type "gem install sass."
      1. Mac users may have to run the command as an administrator; if you get an error, instead type "sudo gem install sass."