How to Set PATH from JAVA_HOME

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In Brief...

The JAVA_HOME environment variable can be used to set the PATH so that the compiler and runtime launcher can be accessed from a command prompt. To set the PATH variable using JAVA_HOME, follow these five steps.

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  1. Go to the Environment Variables panel. You can locate this panel in the Control Panel by selecting System and Security > System > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables.
    Control Panel To Environment Variables

  2. Under System variables, select Path and then click Edit.
    Edit Button

  3. Click New. In the text box, type %JAVA_HOME%\bin. Click OK.
    New Path Entry

  4. Click OK on the Environment Variables panel.
    Environment Variables Panel

  5. Open a new command prompt to test your new PATH entry.
    Test New Path Entry

Author: Stephen Withrow

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