How to Prevent Diversity Discrimination in the Workplace

The best way to handle diversity discrimination is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Consider the following when implementing education and anti-discrimination policies.

  1. Promote tolerance and diversity awareness by showing employees the benefits of a diverse workplace.
    • A diverse team offers more opinions and ideas that create more opportunities for success.
    • People with different ways of thinking provide more solutions when problems arise.
    • Diverse groups enhance creativity within the team and encourage innovation.
    • A diverse team helps create a stronger, more intelligent team that learns from each other.
  2. Enforce a strict policy against discrimination.
    • Make sure the policy clearly defines appropriate and inappropriate behavior and that employees clearly understand the policy.
    • Make sure all employees know who to contact with questions or to file a complaint.
    • Take appropriate action when a complaint is made.
  3. Educate employees on the effects of discrimination and harassment.
    • Discrimination and harassment can have devastating effects on individuals and teams. Examples of this include low self-esteem and low productivity because of fear.
    • Individuals can be physically or psychologically abused.
    • Discrimination and harassment can affect work performance or cause someone to resign.
Author: Corrine King

Corrine King has a Master's degree in Instructional Design with over 8 years of training development experience. She has experience in the utility, healthcare, software, and mining industries in both technical training and human resource training. Her skills include developing onsite courses, delivering in-person training, and creating online training.

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