How to Pin Files in Microsoft Office

In Microsoft Office, you can pin files that you need to access often to make finding them nearly effortless.

This feature works the same in Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016.

Within the Backstage view is the Recent list. To access the Recent list:

  1. Click the File tab and select Open.
  2. Click Recent Documents (or Recent Spreadsheets or Recent Presentations).

Here you will see a list of recently accessed documents. This list changes based on the different files that you open and work with, and by default, the list is generated automatically by Word.

If you have a file you work with often, you can "pin" it to the list. This way, it will always appear in the Recent Documents list.

So in Word, for example, to pin a document to the Recent Documents list, just click the pin icon next to the document you wish to keep in the list.
Pin Icon

Notice that the pin changes to a push pin.
Push Pin Icon

If you decide you no longer want the document to appear in the Recent Documents list, simply click the push pin icon to remove it.

Author: Margaux Judge

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