How to List Day Names in Excel without Dates

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In Brief...

In Excel, you can use the TEXT() function to output the day name from a date. For example, if cell A1 contains 12/18/2017, you can output "Monday" in another cell using TEXT(A1,"dddd"). But I needed a way to list 10 day names in a row without any associated dates. And I wanted the list to update based on the value in the first cell. So, how do you do that?

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Here's what I'm going for, again, without the fields containing actual dates:Excel Day List

Cell A1 contains the text "Tuesday". Cells A2 through A10 contain a function that makes them update based on the value of A1.

The only solution I could think to come up with was to use Excel's IF() function with a whole lot of nesting, like this:


It does the trick, but it's not pretty.

Anybody have a better solution?

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