How to Delete and Void Checks in QuickBooks

To cancel a check and reverse the amount that was deducted from your bank account, you can use the QuickBooks Void Check or Delete Check function. Voiding a check produces the most complete record and is recommended for most check reversal transactions. Deleting a transaction indicates the transaction never occurred and should only be used for simple errors detected prior to printing a check.

This feature works the same in versions 2011–2016 of QuickBooks.

Voiding a transaction provides the most complete record of your actions and is used when the transaction has already occurred or when you discover the error after printing the check. For example, void a check if you printed the check and realized the amount was incorrect or if the pre-numbered check was used but is smudged and unreadable. When you void a check, the check details such as payee, account, check number, date, and memo are unchanged, but the amount changes to zero. The check still appears in the bank account register but "VOID" is inserted in the memo. Voided checks can be undone or reverted to the original transaction.

When you delete a check, the check and all information about the check is removed from the register. The process cannot be undone, and there is no record that the check was created except in the audit trail. Deleting a transaction is appropriate, for example, when a check is recorded twice or when a check is recorded with the wrong payee name.

To void a check:

  1. Open the check in the Write Checks window.

  2. From the menu, select Edit > Void Check.
    Void Check

  3. Note that "VOID" has been inserted in the Memo field. Type any additional details about the transaction in the Memo field. Indicating the reason for the voided check will help explain any missing checks when you reconcile the bank account.
    Write Checks Dialog Box
  4. Review the voided transaction, then click Save & Close.

To delete a check:

  1. Open the check in the Write Checks window.

  2. From the menu, select Edit > Delete Check.
    Delete Check

  3. In the Delete Transaction popup, click OK. The check is now deleted from your records and cannot be retrieved.
    Delete Transaction Popup

Remember that when you void or delete a check, any reports that include that transaction will also change.

Author: Lee Fifield

Lee is a writer, editor, and technology evangelist. Lee received her undergraduate degree in Communications from Ithaca College.

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