How to Create a Simple ASP Page

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In Brief...

Learning how to create a simple active server page (ASP) is the first step in creating a dynamic, interactive website. An active server page contains a mixture of HTML tags and ASP script and is saved with the .asp extension. For example, an active server page named "Index" would be saved as index.asp. An active server page can be developed using a text editor such as Notepad or a package such as Dreamweaver or Visual Studio. The following five steps show how to create a simple ASP page that displays a greeting.


  1. Open your text editor.
  2. Enter the following statements. You'll see that the ASP script is distinguished from the HTML by the use of <% to indicate the beginning of the script and %> to indicate the end of the script.
    First ASP Page
  3. Save your file as firstasp.asp.
    Saving the ASP File
  4. Browse to the location of file firstasp.asp which you just saved and select it.
    First ASP Page Displayed in Internet Explorer
  5. Your page will appear as below in your browser.
    First ASP Page Displayed in Internet Explorer

Author: Kay McCabe