How to Create a Profit and Loss Report in QuickBooks

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In Brief...

The QuickBooks Profit and Loss Report shows your income, expenses, and net profit or loss over a specific period of time. To create a Profit and Loss Report from the Report Center, follow these four steps.

This feature works the same in versions 2011–2016 of QuickBooks.


  1. From the menu, select Reports > Report Center.
    Report Center

  2. On the Standard tab with the Company & Financial category selected, locate the report titled "Profit and Loss Report Standard".

  3. From the Dates drop-down list, select the date range to report on.
    Dates Drop-down List

  4. Click the Run icon to display the report.
    Report Example

Author: Lee Fifield

Lee is a writer, editor, and technology evangelist. Lee received her undergraduate degree in Communications from Ithaca College.