How to Build Rapport

The key to effective communication in the workplace is the ability to build rapport with those you are communicating with. The following tips will help you build good working rapport with your colleagues.

  1. Establish common ground. Ask questions as ice breakers to discover areas where commonalities lie. Listen to the conversation and pick up on things you have in common.
  2. Pay attention to non-verbal cues. When meeting someone for the first time, be aware of how they are standing or sitting. Do not intimidate them by standing over them or looking down at them. Put yourself at the same level if possible.
  3. Be receptive, friendly, and interested. Keep your attention focused on the other person, engage in the conversation, and be open to new ideas and opinions.
  4. Be yourself. Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” This is good advice. Always be genuine and offer genuine compliments when appropriate.
  5. Don’t try too hard. People will not be receptive to someone who is overly friendly (fake) or pushy. Let the relationship build naturally.
  6. Be aware of the circumstances of the meeting. In other words, dress appropriately, understand the culture of the organization, and try to fit in without changing who you are.
Author: Janie Sullivan

Janie Sullivan, MBA, MAEd, has been teaching adult learners for over 20 years. She has taught online over 15 years, specializing in writing, communications, and small business applications. Janie directs the Center for Writing Excellence where she offers writing, editing, and formatting services for writers. She has been published in several newspapers and magazines as well as multiple online sites. She teaches communication, business strategy, leadership, and management courses. Janie has published a book "Develop and Deliver an Online Class." This is the third book she has written about writing and teaching online. She also has published a novel and an anthology of short stories.

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