How to Attract Blog Readers

Starting a blog does not guarantee that readers will flock to it. You may have the best content available, written flawlessly and guaranteed to enrich lives, but if your readers can't find the blog, they won't read it. Attracting blog readers is not a one-step process. It takes a combination of elements working together to attract those readers. Following are four essentials you need to have in place to make your blog visible to potential readers.

  1. Optimize Your Content – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how Google, Bing, and other search engines find and rank your content. Use keywords in your title and high up in the content. Don't overload your keywords, but find words that are relevant to your content and that will be used in searches. For example, if you are writing a blog for fiction writers, your content should contain words like "fiction" and "writing". Use the keywords in the title of the post like this: "Five Tips for Writing Fiction". Even better, in terms of good SEO, place the keywords at the beginning of the title: "Fiction Writing in Five Easy Steps".
  2. Introduce Guest Bloggers – While you will have lots of good ideas to blog about, your readers will sometimes like to see topics addressed with a different perspective. So have guest bloggers write an occasional blog post. You can choose to trade blog posts with guest bloggers as incentive to write on your blog. Be sure to offer to include links to each guest blogger's website.
  3. Use Social Media – Once you have created a blog post, go to your various social media accounts and post the content again, this time with links to your blog site. People on social media will read the content, visit your site, and even share the content with their followers. Comments on the social media sites will also give you a good idea of how your content is being received and shared. Be sure to include sharing icons on your blog site to make it easy for your readers to share your content.
  4. Grab Reader Interest Early – Titles need to be interesting and engaging. The title of a blog post should be designed to bring the reader in to read more. Do not mislead your reader with titles that are not related to the content, and be sure to use appropriate keywords. One type of blog title that will generate readers is one that uses numbers. Here is an example: "Ten Child-Friendly Ideas for Writing Children's Fiction". A similar title, "Writing Children's Fiction", is not engaging enough, although it uses the same keywords.
Author: Janie Sullivan

Janie Sullivan, MBA, MAEd, has been teaching adult learners for over 20 years. She has taught online over 15 years, specializing in writing, communications, and small business applications. Janie directs the Center for Writing Excellence where she offers writing, editing, and formatting services for writers. She has been published in several newspapers and magazines as well as multiple online sites. She teaches communication, business strategy, leadership, and management courses. Janie has published a book "Develop and Deliver an Online Class." This is the third book she has written about writing and teaching online. She also has published a novel and an anthology of short stories.

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