How to Add Accounts in QuickBooks

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In Brief...

Once you finish your initial company setup with Express Start, you can add additional accounts. To add accounts to the chart of accounts that were not included in the initial setup, follow these six steps.

This feature works the same in versions 2011–2016 of QuickBooks.


  1. From the Home page, click Chart of Accounts.
    Chart of Accounts

  2. Click Account and select New.
    New Account

  3. Select an account type and click Continue.
    Choose Account Type

  4. In the Add New Account dialog box, enter the appropriate account information.
    Add New Account Dialog Box

  5. Click Save & Close.

  6. Verify that the new account is displayed in the Chart of Accounts dialog box.
    Verify Account Displays

Author: Lee Fifield

Lee is a writer, editor, and technology evangelist. Lee received her undergraduate degree in Communications from Ithaca College.