How to Act Against Diversity Discrimination

If you or someone you know at work is a victim of discrimination or harassment, it is time to act. Follow these three steps.

  1. Tell the harasser to stop. Whether you are the victim, a bystander, or a manager, approach the person directly and explain that his or her behavior is unacceptable. In certain situations, direct conversation is not easy or possible. Writing a letter or email is perfectly acceptable. Make sure to keep a copy of the letter.
  2. Keep a record. Write down any details about the incidents, including dates and times. If there are multiple incidents, explain each in detail. Write down if there were any witnesses and who was involved. Keep a record of any time you report an incident and any communications you have.
  3. Tell someone. Report the incident or incidents to a supervisor or to human resources immediately. Keep a record of any report you give. A formal complaint or grievance should be created by a member of human resources gathering details from the victim. The company will then conduct an investigation.

If you do not get a timely or helpful response from your company, you can contact the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) to file a formal complaint. Hopefully it is unnecessary, but after this step you can decide whether to take legal action.

Author: Corrine King

Corrine King has a Master's degree in Instructional Design with over 8 years of training development experience. She has experience in the utility, healthcare, software, and mining industries in both technical training and human resource training. Her skills include developing onsite courses, delivering in-person training, and creating online training.

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