Adobe Certified Associate Project

You will create an event postcard and an HTML web page.

Your Assignment

You will be using all of the skills and technologies that you learned in your courses to build this event project.

Web Page

Create an HTML page with details about an event. You choose the event and details. For example, here is a screenshot of a sample page for an anniversary party: Screenshot of Sample Web Page


Create a 6 x 4-inch postcard with a front and a back that includes the original artwork you built in Photoshop. For example:

Postcard Front

Postcard Front

Postcard Back

Postcard Back


Original Files

You will provide the following files:

  1. Photoshop Files – Custom artwork that you create with adjustment layer saved as a .PSD file type; also save a PNG copy for web page.
  2. Illustrator File – Load a bitmap image (this may be a properly borrowed file or the custom artwork you made in Photoshop) on a layer and trace to create a vector. Save file as an .AI file type.
  3. Animate Files – Original animation file saved as a .FLA that is created to be HTML5 compatible.
  4. HTML Page - You can use Dreamweaver to build it.
  5. InDesign File - Original file 6 x 4 inches with 2 pages saved as an .INDD file type.

Web Page

Include the following: an image, the animation, and a form. You do not need to actually submit the data, just build the form.


Create a 6 x 4-inch postcard that includes the original artwork you built in.

Folder Structure

All files should be saved in a folder named DesignProject, with subfolders named Original Art, Postcard, and Web Page. The Original Art folder should have folders for all your original artwork as shown in the screenshot below:
Folder Structure

Submitting Project

  1. After you have completed all of the requirements of the project, create an archive (zip file) of your entire project "topic" folder. You can use WinZip, or whatever compression tool you prefer to create the .zip file. Be sure your project folder includes your first and last name.
  2. Email the file to and be sure to include your first and last name in the email.
  3. If you are having trouble sending the project attachment via email we suggest using a file sharing service such as Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  4. Please allow 5 business days for us to review the exam submission.
  5. You must complete the project before the expiration date of your course. We estimate it will take about 30 hours. Be sure to leave yourself enough time.
  6. IMPORTANT: Please be sure to complete ALL the requirements of the project before submitting it. If for any reason you are not able to complete one or more of the requirements and wish to submit without that portion complete, please explain that in the email when you submit the project. If a project is incomplete and there is no explanation as to why, it cannot be graded.


Your grade will be calculated based on the following categories, with the amount that each category contributes to your overall grade:

Photoshop Art Files: 20%

  • File is saved as a .PSD: 5%
  • File includes an Adjustment Layer: 15%

Illustrator Art Files: 20%

  • File is saved as .AI: 5%
  • File has a Template Layer with an image on it: 5%
  • File has a layer that has the image traced as vector artwork: 10%

Animate Artwork: 20%

  • File is saved as .FLA: 5%
  • File has animation: 10%
  • File is exported out for use in an HTML page: 5%

InDesign File: 20%

  • File is saved as .INDD: 5%
  • File has original images placed: 10%
  • File is saved as a PDF: 5%

HTML File: 15%

  • Image displays correctly on page: 5%
  • Animation displays correctly on page: 5%
  • Form displays correctly on page: 5%

Folder Structure: 5%

  • Folders organized according to project requirements: 5%


This project is meant for you to use your own skills and knowledge. This means that we expect the work to be your own work. We also expect that you will want to look some stuff up. Please feel free to use your course manual and the course content to help you along. You may also use the Internet as a source of help, especially for looking up documentation and errors.

Note that the instructor is not a resource during this project. The purpose of the project is to evaluate how well you can do without access to the instructor.

Author: Tracy Berry

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