Homeschooling Training Program

Webucator provides over 100 self-paced courses to homeschoolers 13 and over free of charge.
Webucator: Veterans Program
Support (or Lack Thereof)

Please understand that since this is a free program, we cannot provide support. Answers to the most commonly asked questions are below. We hope you take and enjoy the courses!

How Do I Register for a Course?
  1. Select the course you want from our list of self-paced courses.
  2. Click the Register Now button in the Self-Paced Course panel.
  3. Fill out the form.
    1. IMPORTANT: Each person must have a unique email address. If you are registering someone else and put your name and address as the billing person (even though there will be no bill), you must use a different address for yourself and the student. Likewise, if you register more than one student, each student must have a unique email address.
    2. ALSO IMPORTANT: The name you register the student with will be the name that appears on the Certificate of Completion when the student finishes the course.
  4. Select “Coupon” as the Payment Method.
  5. Enter HOMESCHOOL as the coupon code.
  6. Check to agree with our terms.
  7. Click the Complete Registration button.
  8. The student will receive an automatic email with login information and instructions to get started.
  1. Why do children have to be 13 to take Webucator’s classes?
    1. For legal reasons, we do not collect information on children under 13. Sorry about this!
  2. Can I take as many classes as I want?
    1. Yes, you sure can. But we recommend you just sign up for one initially and then add others as you progress.
  3. I forgot to enter the coupon code when registering and now I am getting an invoice. What do I do?
    1. Email accounting -at- (replace -at- with @) and we will delete the invoice.
  4. Do I get a Certificate of Completion after I complete my course?
    1. Yes, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you in a few business days after you complete your course.
  5. My certificate of completion doesn’t have my name on it. Why and what can I do about it?
    1. Oops - you must have registered under someone else’s name. If you take another course, be sure to register with your own name!
  6. I didn’t receive the registration email.
    1. Check the spam or junk mail folder. If you don’t see it there, you may have misspelled the email address for the student. Send an email to customerservice -at- (replace -at- with @) with a request to change the email address.
Technical Issues
  1. I’m having trouble logging in.
    1. If you used the same email address for the “billing person” (the first screen when the registration was started), as for the student, we have probably combined the two accounts. The same is true if you used the same email address for multiple students (see #5 below). This may have caused your password to get changed. If necessary, you can click on the forgot password link and reset the password.
  2. Browser issues
    1. Our courses can be taken on the latest version of any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari).
    2. Be sure that the Pop-Up Blocker is not turned on or that is excluded.
  3. My video won’t play.
    1. Be sure you have adequate Internet speed. You can do a speed test at
    2. Check the above section on Browser Issues.
    3. If you have decent Internet speed, try clearing your cache and refreshing or try a different browser. Detailed instructions on clearing cache can found on the following pages:
  4. What if I don’t have the required software?
    1. You will need to either purchase the software or get a trial version if one is available. Please visit the website of the software provider.
  5. My course shows up twice. Why and what do I do?
    1. You probably used the same email address to register two students for the course. Because you used the same email address, we combined the accounts in our system (there can only be one account per email address). Please re-register one of the students using a different email address.
Course Questions
  1. What courses should I take?
    1. This really depends on the student, what they already know and what they want to learn, but the below might be helpful for some students:
      1. Students who want to learn Web Development. Consider taking classes in the following order:
        1. Introduction to HTML Training
        2. Introduction to CSS Training
        3. Introduction to JavaScript Training
        4. Introduction to PHP Training
        5. Introduction to SQL Training
      2. Students who want to learn Microsoft Office. Consider starting with Introduction to Microsoft Word Training or Introduction to Microsoft Excel Training as they are the most commonly used Office applications.
  2. I don’t know what program to use to open a file.
    1. Do a search on the Internet to see what program will open a file.