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SQL Server Classes - Find SQL Server classes on everything from basic queries to advanced development and administration.

Oracle - Explore Oracle classes on topics like advanced queries, PL/SQL, architecture, tuning, administration, and much more.

MySQL - Gain skills to help with querying, development and administration in these MySQL classes.

SQL - Learn the fundamentals of SQL with these introductory classes.

Crystal Reports - Find Crystal Reports classes for all levels to improve your reporting and business intelligence skills.

Business Objects - Learn to use Web Intelligence and IDT with these classes.

MongoDB - Choose from our MongoDB Developer and Administration classes.

Redis - Get hands-on with Redis in these instructor-led classes.

Apache Cassandra - Learn the basics of Cassandra as well as developer concepts with these courses.

DB2 - Take our DB2 classes to gain in-depth experience from an expert instructor.

PostgreSQL - Find classes to help you with development and administration of PostgreSQL databases.

Cognos - Find Cognos classes to help you with everything from creating queries and reports to advanced calculation and formatting.

Tableau - From Introduction to Advanced, these Tableau courses will help you better visualize your data.

GemFire - Learn to use GemFire for improved data management.

Why Webucator for Private Onsite Database Training?

In November, 2003, Webucator's founder, Nat Dunn, flew to Dallas, TX to deliver Webucator's first private onsite class - a two-day Introduction to SQL class for a team of developers working on workforce management software. We have since delivered that same Introduction to SQL class, customized for SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL, more than one hundred times for clients in thirty states. And that SQL Course is now just one of more than one hundred database courses we offer, covering everything from basic reporting with Crystal Reports to advanced database administration with SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL.

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Why Webucator for Public Live Online Database Training?

When Webucator began offering public live online classes in 2005, we made a promise to students - you register and we won't cancel, even if no other students register for the class. We kept that promise to the two students who enrolled in the first public live online class we ever offered - an Introduction to SQL class - and we have kept that promise to the more than 5,000 students who have enrolled in one of the more than 100 different database courses we have delivered live online since then. We'll keep that promise to you too when you choose Webucator for the database training you need.

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Why Webucator for Private Live Online Database Training?

The first database class we delivered as a private online class with a live instructor was a PostgreSQL class for students with basic knowledge of SQL. The class was actually only partly live online. The client, a global manufacturing company, had five employees in their St. Petersburg, FL office and one employee in their Michigan office. Our PostgreSQL trainer delivered the class in a training room in their Florida office while their Michigan employee remoted in through our live online classroom. These hybrid classes can be a challenge because the delivery style for an in-person class is different from that of a live online class. As such, we generally recommend that clients choose between one or the other; however, we have experience delivering database training all three ways - private in-person, private live online, and a combination of the two. We have delivered many dozens of private live online database classes since that first one in October, 2010 and we find our clients are as happy with our private live online classes as they are with our private onsite classes.

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Instructor was fantastic. She took the time to answer all of our questions.
Phillip Alvarez
Rady Children's Hospital
My company has Reporting Services but not enough skilled staff to use it. My expectations were to learn the tool and I came out learning it.
Jesse Swallow
Marina Medical Billing Service, Inc
Well worth the money for someone who is new to Business Objects and would like a clear, user friendly introduction to all the basic functions.
Randy Wong
Our instructor called upon their years of real-world experience to help us learn in a more efficient manner.
Jay York
Phillips 66

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