Power BI Essentials

Power BI Essentials

Course Length:
Delivery Methods: Available for private class only
Course Topics
  • Analyze data with Power BI /li>
  • Connect to a data source.
  • Clean, profile, and shape data.
  • Visualize data.
  • Add and customize visual elements.
  • Model data using calculations
  • Create, design, and format dashboards and reports for business users.
Course Overview

Modern cloud technologies give organizations access to massive quantities of data. Effective analysis of that data leads to important insights that can give your company a competitive edge. This class teaches professionals to explore, analyze and report on data by using the powerful features and tools available within Microsoft Power BI.

This Power BI class is designed for students who are new to Power BI or who have limited experience with the software. Students will learn Power BI fundamentals including building and sharing dashboards of data visualizations, connecting to various data sources, shaping and combining data, and working with reports.

Course Outline
  1. Analyzing Data
    1. Data Analysis and Visualization
      Self-Service BI
  2. Connect to a Data Source
    1. Data Connections
      Manage Data Relationships
      Save Files
  3. Data Cleaning, Profiling, and Shaping
    1. Clean, Transform, and Load Data with the Query Editor
      Profile Data
      Shape Data
      Combine and Manage Data Rows
  4. Visualizing Data
    1. Creating Visualizations
      Charting Data
  5. Enhancements
    1. Custom Visuals and Pages
  6. Modeling Data
    1. Using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
      Calculated Measures
      Conditional Columns
  7. Interactive Visualizations
    1. Create and Manage Data Hierarchies
      Filter and Slice Reports
      Build Dashboards
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Microsoft Business Intelligence class:

  • Experience managing data using a spreadsheet tool such as Microsoft Excel.
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