Oracle Database 12c: Backup and Recovery Workshop

The objective of this Oracle Database 12c: Backup & Recovery Workshop training class is to assist students in designing, testing, and implementing a robust backup and recovery strategy.

Among the tools and facilities that students will learn to use are the Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), the Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control, the Data Recovery Advisor, Oracle Flashback technologies, Redo Log File Size Advisor and the MTTR Advisor. Special attention is given to backup performance and optimization.

The primary audience for this course is database administrators, web server administrators, system administrators, implementation specialists, data center support engineers, and senior application designers and developers.


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Course Topics
  1. Learn to automatically manage backup strategies and database recovery operations using RMAN, the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, and other database facilities.
  2. Learn database instance recovery, tuning checkpoints, the Redo Log File Size Advisor and the MTTR Advisor.
  3. Learn user-managed recovery scenarios, including recovery from temporary, read-only and index tablespaces.
  4. Learn complete and incomplete media recovery, including database point-in-time, tablespace and table point-in-time recovery.
  5. Learn to configure a centralized recovery catalog and deploy standardized and consistent backup and recovery procedures throughout the enterprise by means of dynamic stored scripts and variable substitution.
  6. Learn to optimize backups for faster performance and parallelization of operations, employing compression algorithms and other strategies for optimum efficiency.
  7. Learn to achieve data preservation through archival backups.
  8. Learn to duplicate and clone databases for regulatory compliance, Real Application Testing database replay, test configuration and other purposes.
  9. Learn tablespace transportation, database transportation, cross-platform transportation and endian format conversion.
  10. Learn to detect and handle failures and corruption, including the use of RMAN block recovery and the Data Recovery Advisor.
  11. Learn newly released or enhanced features such as backup file compression, encryption, parallelization and others.
  12. Learn recovery from logical failure using appropriate Oracle Flashback technologies, such as Flashback Table, Flashback Drop and Flashback Database.
  1. Getting Started: About Database Failure and Recovery
    1. Backup and Recovery Facilities
    2. HA and MAA
    3. The Backup Administrator
    4. Backup Storage Technologies
  2. Getting Started: Configure The Database for Recovery
    1. Manage Redo Data
    2. Manage Archived Redo Data
    3. About the Fast Recovery Area
    4. Recoverability Checklist
  3. Getting Started: Automatic Instance Recovery
    1. About Instance Recovery
    2. Mean Time To Recover (MTTR)
    3. Instance Recovery Parallelism
    4. Mttr Advisor and Checkpoint Tuning
    5. Redo Logfile Size Advisor
    6. FAST-START ON-DEMAND Parallelism
  4. Backup: Configure RMAN
    1. RMAN Architecture
    2. Launch and Use RMAN
    3. Configure RMAN Settings
    4. RMAN Channels
  5. Backup: Perform RMAN Backups
    1. Consistent VS. Inconsistent Backups
    2. Backup File Types
    3. RMAN Backup Sets
    4. RMAN Image Copies
    5. Full Backups
    6. Incremental Backups
    7. Retention Policies and Obsolete Files
    8. Expired Backup Entries
    9. Rman Backup Reports
    10. Report Unrecoverable
    11. Report Need Backup
    12. List Incarnation
  6. Backup: RMAN Management with EM
    1. Monitoring The Fast Recovery Area
    2. The EM Interface To RMAN Backup
    3. About Backup Guided Workflows
    4. Schedule Customized Backup
    5. Schedule Oracle-Suggested Backup
    6. Manage Current Backups
    7. Backup Reports
    8. Restore Points
  7. The RMAN Recovery Catalog
    1. RMAN Catalog Concepts
    2. Create The Base Catalog
    3. Register A Target Database
    4. Manage The Centralized Catalog
    5. Virtual Private Catalogs
    6. Protection Of The Recovery Catalog
    7. Using RMAN Scripts
  8. Recovery: User-Managed Recovery
    1. Recovery Concepts
    2. Recover Temporary Tablespaces
    3. Recover Read-Only Tablespaces
    4. Recover Index Tablespaces
    5. Recover Redo Log Group Member
    6. Recreate The Password File
  9. Recovery: RMAN Recovery
    1. Complete Recovery
    2. Partial But Complete Recovery
    3. RMAN Failure Diagnosis
    4. Incomplete Recovery
    5. Recovery Using EM
    6. EM User Directed Recovery
    7. EM Oracle Advised Recovery
    8. Decryption During Restore
  10. Advanced: Enhanced RMAN Capabilities
    1. Backup Optimization
    2. Parallelism with Section Sizes
    3. Backup Performance and Control
    4. Minimize Time Vs. Minimize Load
    5. Archival Backups
    6. Advanced: Database Duplication and Cloning
    7. Why Perform Database Duplication?
    8. RMAN Duplicate Operation
    9. RMAN Duplicate
    10. Database Cloning with Em
  11. Advanced: Data Transportation
    1. About Transportation
    2. Read-Only TS Transportation
    3. Read-Write TS Transportation
    4. Cross-Platform TS Transportation
    5. Database Transportation
    6. EM Tablespace Transportation
  12. Advanced: Handling Corruption with Data Recovery Advisor
    1. Understanding Failure and Corruption
    2. How Does Corruption Occur?
    3. Detecting Corruption
    4. Analyze
    9. Recovering From Corruption
    10. Block Media Recovery
    11. Isolating Corruption
    12. DBMS_REPAIR() Units
    13. About ADMIN_TABLES()
    14. About CHECK_OBJECT()
    15. About FIX_CORRUPT_BLOCKS()
    17. About DUMP_ORPHAN_KEYS()
    18. About SEGMENT_FIX_STATUS()
  13. Flashback: About Oracle Flashback Technology
    1. About Flashback Technology
    2. Flashback and Database Security
    3. Configuration for Flashback
  14. Flashback: Recovery Using Oracle Flashback Technology
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Oracle class:

  • SQL fundamentals, install and upgrade, architecture and internals, administration.
Prerequisite Courses

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