Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop II

This Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop II training class focuses on the advanced features needed for Oracle 12c database administration.

The primary audience for this Oracle Database training class is database administrators, storage administrators, system administrators, implementation specialists, and data center support engineers.


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  1. Learn to set metric and alert thresholds for proactive database monitoring by the server alert framework.
  2. Learn globalization features within the database to support applications in multiple languages, currencies, time zones and countries.
  3. Learn database connection and session options that support thousands of concurrent users, including a shared servers configuration.
  4. Learn automatic database management, monitoring and tuning facilities, including automatic management of storage space and memory resources within the database and the role of the Segment Advisor and Memory Advisors.
  5. Learn automatic resumption of database operations even in the face of storage space allocation failures and errors.
  6. Learn to protect data-at-rest in the database using the advanced data security feature Transparent Data Encryption, as well as a solid overview of underlying encryption technologies, protocols and algorithms.
  7. Learn to protect data en route with Oracle Net Services encryption.
  8. Gain an introduction to advanced space management topics, including custom space management attributes, resumable space allocation, and other subjects.
  9. Learn advanced compression techniques for tables and indexes.
  10. Learn about columnar vs. row-oriented database storage and the use of hybrid columnar compression.
  11. Learn about heat map tracking of segment access to measure hot, warm and cold areas of the database that could be targeted for optimization.
  12. Learn about iLM data management and support for that framework with available features of the Oracle database.
  13. Learn automatic data optimization and policies that automatically implement the ILM concepts of row-level compression tiering, segment-level compression tiering and segment-level storage tiering.
  14. Learn to implement custom ILM storage management policies.
  15. Learn about in-memory storage of database objects, including big table caching, full database caching, and in-memory column stores.
  16. Learn about archiving inactive data inside the database while not degrading performance while limiting added storage costs.
  17. Learn to introduce temporal validity into a table and perform flashback query operations using temporal validity criteria.
  18. Learn about data redaction that allows data privacy policies to be dynamically enforced during queries.
  1. Advanced Administration: About Advanced Database Administration
    1. Database Feature Usage
    2. Server Alert Framework
    3. Managing The Server Alerts Using EM CC
    4. pDB Level Alerts
  2. Advanced Administration: Globalization
    1. Globalization Settings
    2. Managing NLS Settings
    3. Date and Time Localization
    4. Linguistic Sorting and Matching
    5. Linguistic Indexes
    6. About Locale Builder
  3. Advanced Administration: Database Connections and Shared Servers
    1. Connection and Session Options
    2. Shared Servers Architecture
    3. Comparing Shared Servers and Dedicated Servers
    4. Configure Shared Servers
    5. Use Shared Servers
    6. Monitor Shared Servers
  4. Advanced Security: Database Security Threats
    1. Potential Threats
  5. Advanced Security: Encryption Concepts
    1. About Encryption
    2. Data-At-Rest Encryption
    3. Data-In-Transit Encryption
    4. Data-En-Route Encryption
    5. Encryption Limitations
    6. Encryption Algorithms and Potential Weaknesses
    7. Managing Encryption Keys
  6. Advanced Security: TDE Keystore Management
    1. About Transparent Data Encryption
    2. The SYSKM Administrator
    3. TDE Encryption Algorithms
    4. Understanding How Column Encryption Works
    5. Understanding How Tablespace Encryption Works
    6. Is TDE Unbreakable?
    7. Managing TDE
    8. Managing The Keystore
    9. Managing A Wallet Keystore Using SQL
    10. Managing A Wallet Keystore Using EM CC
    11. Managing A Wallet Keystore Using OWM
    12. Advanced Management Options
    13. Keystore Backups
    14. Migrate To HSM Keystore
    15. Wallet Open Options
  7. Advanced Security: TDE Data Encryption
    1. Implement Tablespace Encryption
    2. Implement Column Encryption
    3. Assessing Encryption Usage
  8. Advanced Security: Oracle Net Services Encryption and Security
    1. Network-Launched Attacks
    2. Limiting Database Attacks
    3. Preventing Denial-of-service Attacks
    4. Avoiding Disclosure Of Vulnerabilities
    5. Oracle Net Services User Notifications
    6. Oracle Net Native Encryption
    7. Implementation With Oracle Net Manager
    8. Implementation With sqlnet.ora
  9. Advanced Storage: Space Management
    1. Space Management Best Practices
    2. Segment Storage Specifications
    3. Estimate and Track Space Usage
    4. Resumable Space Allocation
    5. Enable A Resumable Session
    6. Detect A Suspended Session
    7. Resuming A Session
    8. Using DBMS_RESUMABLE()
    9. Deferred Segment Creation
  10. Advanced Storage: The Segment Advisor
    1. About The Segment Advisor
    2. Using The SHRINK SPACE Option
    3. Segment Advisor Within EM CC
    4. The Automatic Segment Advisor
    5. Regenerate Master Encryption Key
    6. Potential Attackers
    7. The Threat Matrix
    8. Database Security Checklist
    9. Programmatic Segment Advisor
  11. Advanced Compression
    1. About Compression
    2. Table Compression
    3. Basic Table Compression
    4. Advanced Row Compression
    5. Additional Table Compression Considerations
    6. Index Compression
    7. Key Compression
    8. Advanced Index Compression
    9. Hybrid Columnar Compression
    10. Compression Analysis
    11. Using SQL Metadata Queries
    12. Using DBMS_COMPRESSION()
    13. Using EM CC
  12. Heat Map Tracking and Automatic Data Optimization (ADO)
    1. About ILM
    2. The Oracle Database and ILM Support
    3. Heat Map Tracking
    4. Automatic Data Optimization (ADO)
    5. Adding ADO Policies Using SQL
    6. Managing ADO Policies Using SQL
    7. Managing ADO Policy Evaluation
    8. Managing ADO Policies Using EM CC
  13. In-Memory Storage
    1. About Traditional Table Caching
    2. Big Table Caching
    3. Full Database Caching
    4. In-Memory Column Store
    5. IMCS Internals
    6. Configuring The IMCS
    7. Assigning Objects To The IMCS
    8. Assigning Columns To The IMCS
    9. Monitoring IMCS Using EM CC
  14. In-Database Archiving
    1. About In-Database Archiving
    2. In-Database Archival Tables
    3. In-Database Archiving Of Rows
    4. Temporal Validity
  15. Data Redaction
    1. About Data Redaction
    2. The Redaction Functions
    3. Using Function Type dbms_redact.random
    4. Using Function Type dbms_redact.partial
    5. Function Type dbms_redact.partial Shortcuts
    6. Using Function Type dbms_redact.regexp
    7. Function Type dbms_redact.regexp Shortcuts
    8. Defining Redaction Policies
    9. Managing Redaction Policies
    10. Customizing Full Redaction
    11. Viewing Redaction Metadata
    12. Using EM Cloud Control
    13. Inference Attacks
Class Materials

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  • SQL fundamentals.
  • Install and upgrade experience.
  • Architecture and internals experience.
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