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In this MySQL course, students learn to query a MySQL database using Database Manipulation Language (DML) statements,

  1. Create views to reuse SELECT statements
  2. Learn data retrieval using SELECT statement.
  3. Troubleshoot typical warnings and errors.
  4. Change or add data.
  5. Understand MySQL data validation.
  6. Delete data from tables.
  7. Generate aggregated query data using various criteria.
  8. Connect data from multiple table rows using various types of JOIN constructs.
  9. Use several different types of sub-queries.
  10. Extensive coverage of MySQL Functions and expressions.
  11. Use expressions in SQL statements for more functional and flexible retrieval.
  12. Learn to export and import data.
  1. DML and Data Manipulation Language
    1. DDL and DML Overview
    2. Data Values: Numbers
    3. Data Values: Strings
    4. Working with NULL Values
    5. Bulk Loading of Data
    6. Bulk Data Format
    7. Working with Special Values in Bulk
    8. Data
    9. Adding New Table Rows with INSERT
    10. Copying Rows
    11. UPDATE
    12. REPLACE
    13. Removing Table Rows
    14. Transactions
    15. InnoDB: Using Transactional Processing
    16. Locking Tables
  2. Queries and the SELECT Statement
    1. SELECT Syntax Summary
    2. Choosing Data Sources and Destinations
    3. for SELECT
    4. Presentation of Table Data with
    5. SELECT
    6. Being Selective About Which Rows are
    7. Displayed
    8. User-Defined Variables
    9. Expressions and Functions
    10. Control Flow Operators and Functions
    11. Function Names
    12. Comparison Operators and Functions
    13. String Functions
    14. Numeric Operators and Functions
    15. Date and Time Functions
    16. Forcing Data Interpretation
    17. Miscellaneous Functions
  3. Building a Result Set from Several Sources
    1. UNION
    2. Combining Data from Two Tables
    3. Using WHERE to Choose Matching
    4. Rows
    6. OUTER JOINs
    7. Multiple Tables, Fields, Joins, and
    8. Ordering
    9. SELECT * and USING Columns
  4. Advanced SQL Techniques
    1. MySQL Pattern Matching
    2. Multipliers, Anchors, and Grouping
    3. GROUP BY
    4. Aggregates
    5. Subqueries
    6. Subquery Comparisons and Quantifiers
    7. Other Subqueries
    8. Subquery Alternatives and Restrictions
    9. InnoDB Multi-Table Updates and
    10. Deletes
    11. Building a VIEW
    12. Updatable VIEWs
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this MySQL class:

  • Some knowledge of database concepts.

Experience in the following would be useful for this MySQL class:

  • Some knowledge of database modeling.
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Students rated our MySQL Development Training trainers 8.89 out of 10 based on 11 reviews

Very good class. I learned new extended features available in MySQL.

Nhon Dao, DB Consulting Group, Inc.
Houston TX

I enjoy Webucator's policy that they won't cancel for low enrollment. Being that I was the only student in my class and rearranged my schedule to fit the course in, I really appreciate them allowing me a one-on-one with my instructor!

Jenni Fischer, CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc.
Mendota Heights MN

Top quality instruction from the best instructors in the field.

Peter Bachman, A-T Solutions, Inc.
Fairfax VA

We requested customized training with a reference material particular to our application. Webucator addressed both of these perfectly!

Van Zander, Tidewater Technology Group
Chesapeake VA

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