MOC 6236 - Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

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This SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) class teaches students how to implement a Reporting Services solution in an organization. The class discusses how to use the Reporting Services development tools to create reports, and how to use the Reporting Services management and administrative tools to manage a Reporting Services solution.

This SSRS training class is intended for information technology (IT) professionals and developers who need to implement reporting solutions by using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.

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Course Topics
  1. Learn to describe SQL Server Reporting Services and its components.
  2. Learn to create a Reporting Services report.
  3. Learn to enhance a Reporting Services report.
  4. Learn to create and manipulate data sets.
  5. Learn to use report models to implement reporting for business users.
  6. Learn to configure report publishing and execution settings.
  7. Learn to implement subscriptions for reports.
  8. Learn to administer Reporting Services.
  9. Learn to implement custom Reporting Services applications.
  1. Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
    1. Overview of SQL Server Reporting Services
    2. Installing Reporting Services
    3. Reporting Services Tools
  2. Authoring Basic Reports
    1. Creating a Basic Table Report
    2. Formatting Report Pages
    3. Calculating Values
  3. Enhancing Basic Reports
    1. Interactive Navigation
    2. Displaying Data
  4. Manipulating Data Sets
    1. Defining Report Data
    2. Using Parameters and Filters
    3. Using Parameter Lists
  5. Using Report Models
    1. Creating Report Models
    2. Using Report Builder
  6. Publishing and Executing Reports
    1. Publishing Reports
    2. Executing Reports
    3. Creating Cached Instances
    4. Creating Snapshots and Report History
  7. Using Subscriptions to Distribute Reports
    1. Introduction to Report Subscriptions
    2. Creating Report Subscriptions
    3. Managing Report Subscriptions
  8. Administering Reporting Services
    1. Reporting Server Administration
    2. Performance and Reliability Monitoring
    3. Administering Report Server Databases
    4. Security Administration
  9. Programming Reporting Services
    1. Querying for Server Information Using a Web Service
    2. Automating Report Management
    3. Rendering Reports
    4. Creating Custom Code
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this SSRS class:

  • Exposure to creating reports in Microsoft Access or other third-party reporting products, such as Crystal Reports.
  • Conceptual understanding of the push and pull distribution/subscription paradigm.
  • Experience navigating the Microsoft Windows Server environment.
  • Experience with Windows services (starting and stopping)
  • Experience creating service accounts and permissions
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server, including:
  • SQL Server Agent.
  • SQL Server query language (SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE).
  • SQL Server System tables.
  • SQL Server accounts (users and permissions).

Training for your Team

Length: 3 Days
  • Private Class for your Team
  • Online or On-location
  • Customizable
  • Expert Instructors

What people say about our training

I don't know if there was anything that I would improve. It was one of the best online courses I have ever taken. I have dealt with SQL Server and T-SQL for 10 years, as well as dealing with Enterprise Applications, but I learned more than I imagined when I first started.
Dale Austin
State of Alaska
Great class and a great value. Three days packed with information and hands-on experience with the product and concepts covered.
Sandy Buechley
Patagonia, Inc/Lost Arrow Corporation
Convenient and well executed training. The hands on activities were helpful.
Mitch Brown
Cegedim Relationship Management
I needed to increase my skillset and needed to take a course as soon as possible. Being in New Zealand, courses were run too far in the future, so it was great taking part in an online course (be it starting 4am NZST time) and getting through the material in 3 days. Great Work!
Pey Geldenhuys
Abel Solutions

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