MOC 6235 - Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

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In this SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) training class, students learn how to implement an Integration Services solution in an organization. The course discusses how to develop, deploy, and manage Integration Services packages.

This SSIS class targets information technology (IT) professionals and developers who need to implement data transfer or extract, transform, and load (ETL) solutions by using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services.

  1. Learn to describe SQL Server Integration Services and its tools.
  2. Learn to create an Integration Services package.
  3. Learn to implement control flow in an Integration Services package.
  4. Learn to implement data flow in an Integration Services package.
  5. Learn to implement logging in an Integration Services package.
  6. Learn to debug and implement error handling in an Integration Services package.
  7. Learn to implement checkpoints and transactions in an Integration Services package.
  8. Learn to deploy an Integration Services package.
  9. Learn to manage and secure an Integration Services package.
  1. Introduction to SQL Server 2008 Integration Services
    1. Overview of SQL Server Integration Services
    2. Using Integration Services Tools
    3. Lab: Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services
  2. Developing Integration Services Solutions
    1. Creating an Integration Services Solution
    2. Using Variables
    3. Building and Running a Solution
    4. Lab: Developing Integration Services Solutions
  3. Implementing Control Flow
    1. Control Flow Tasks
    2. Control Flow Precedent Constraints
    3. Control Flow Containers
    4. Lab: Implementing Control Flow
  4. Implementing Data Flow
    1. Data Flow Sources and Destinations
    2. Basic Data Flow Transformations
    3. Advanced Data Flow Transformations
    4. Data Flow Paths
    5. Lab: Implementing Data Flow
  5. Implementing Logging
    1. Overview of Integration Services Logging
    2. Enabling and Configuring Logging
    3. Lab: Implementing Logging
  6. Debugging and Error Handling
    1. Debugging a Package
    2. Implementing Error Handling
    3. Lab: Debugging and Error Handling
  7. Implementing Checkpoints and Transactions
    1. Implementing Checkpoints
    2. Implementing Transactions
    3. Lab: Implementing Checkpoints and Transactions
  8. Configuring and Deploying Packages
    1. Package Configurations
    2. Deploying Packages
    3. Lab: Configuring and Deploying Packages
  9. Managing and Securing Packages
    1. Managing Packages
    2. Securing Packages
    3. Lab: Managing and Securing Packages
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this SSIS class:

  • Exposure to enterprise data import and export scenarios.
  • Experience navigating the Microsoft Windows Server environment.
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server, including:
  • SQL Server Agent.
  • SQL Server query language (SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE).
  • SQL Server System tables.
  • SQL Server accounts (users and permissions).
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Students rated our MOC 6235 - Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services trainers 9.44 out of 10 based on 12 reviews

The most productive training course that I ever had. I was able to go from knowing very little to being productive in three days.

Rob Pesce, NCA Group, Inc.
Fishers IN

The pace and quality of this class was fantastic. It really kept me engaged.

John Tkalcich, Blackboard
Phoenix AZ

This is a great way to get the training you need.

Gary Hamm, URS Corporation
Denver CO

It was a great experience taking the web based class and I would recommend this for people who can't travel. You get to remote into your own computer and all the scenarios are set up for you in advance.

Hang Voong, Direct Energy
meriden CT

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