Exploring Tableau Desktop

This Exploring Tableau Desktop training class introduces Tableau Desktop software to help students visualize data from both on premise and cloud data sources. Students should have a basic understanding of data source concepts (tables, rows/columns, records/fields).

This course is intended for individuals who wish to perform personal data analysis on a cloud or on premise data source. Participants DO NOT need an IT background to be successful with Tableau.

  1. Identify appropriate chart and data visualization types for specific data source scenarios.
  2. Design fundamental charts and graphs.
  3. Create introductory calculations.
  4. Generate basic geographic maps.
  5. Combine multiple worksheets into an interactive dashboard or data story.
  1. Tableau and Data Visualization
    1. What is Data Visualization
    2. Analyze Existing Tableau
    3. Workbooks
    4. Create a New Workbook
    5. Using Show Me
    6. Sharing Tableau Workbooks
  2. Filtering
    1. Keep Only and Exclude
    2. The Filters Shelf
    3. Interactive Filters
    4. Filter Scope
  3. Geographic Mapping
    1. Geographic
    2. Dimensions/Geocoding
    3. Latitude/Longitude Combined
    4. with Background Maps
    5. Symbol Maps
    6. Filled Maps
    7. Map Layers
  4. Date/Time Analysis
    1. Navigating Date Hierarchies
    2. Modifying Sheet State
    3. Formatting Stories
  5. Customizing the Data Source
    1. Joining Tables
    2. Data Pane Customization
    3. Saving Custom Data Sources
  6. Additional Chart Types
    1. Measure Names/Measure Values
    2. Show Me Charts
  7. Customized Calculations
    1. Ad-Hoc Versus the Calculation Editor
    2. Parts of Calculated Fields
    3. Calculated Field Data Types
    4. Aggregation Options
  8. Quick Table Calculations
    1. "Second Pass" Table Calculations
    2. Table Calculation Scope and Direction
  9. Interactive Dashboards
    1. Setting Dashboard Size
    2. Adding Worksheets
    3. Customizing Legend and Filter
    4. Appearance
    5. Dashboard Interactivity
  10. Guided Analysis with Stories
    1. Setting
    2. Story Size
    3. Adding Worksheets, Dashboards,
    4. and Text to Story Points
    5. Stacked Bar
    6. Side-By-Side Bar
    7. Treemap
    8. Circle View
    9. Lines
    10. Dual Combination
    11. Scatter Plot
    12. Histogram
    13. Box and Whisker Plot
    14. Gantt View
    15. Bullet Graph
    16. Packed Bubble
  11. Final Project
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Tableau class:

  • Basic familiarity with introductory data source concepts (tables, rows/columns, records/fields).
Preparing for Class
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What people say about our training

Thanks for the Awesome class - I have taken classes from several other training providers and I can gladly say that the quality of the course that I completed was far better than the others.
Leland Usher
The Wonderful Company
My instructor was very effective in utilizing the 2 days of training. He was exceptionally knowledgeable of the subject, and he found a very beneficial balance of visual presentation and exercises for me to perform. Unlike some instructors I've had in the past, he didn't read verbatim from the book. Rather, he knew which sections to emphasize to best enhance my understanding. He was also very thorough in addressing my questions, and did not rush back to the agenda.
Daniel Toma
Ernst & Young
The instructor was fantastic - exceptionally knowledgeable regarding Crystal Reports.
Kimberly Brakes
State of Alaska; Division of Retirement & Benefits, Accounting Section
This was a great class for my needs. It helped me gain an appreciation for the structure of MS Project Server, its connections to SharePoint and SQL Server, and the capabilities of the toolset.
Bill Schneider
VisionIT, Inc.

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