jQuery Mobile

In this jQuery Mobile training class, you will learn to use jQuery Mobile, an HTML5-based user interface system, to develop single sites for all popular smartphone, tablet, and desktop platforms. You'll learn how to use the newest (1.4) version of jQuery Mobile to handle touch events, build mobile-optimized forms and widgets, incorporate HTML5 features, leverage phone capabilities such as making calls and texting, and more. Along the way, we'll cover jQuery Mobile's extensive theme framework and plugin architecture.

  1. Learn about jQuery Mobile's capabilities, supported devices, and support for accessibility.
  2. Create page transitions, dialogs, and buttons optimized for mobile.
  3. Incorporate phone-friendly forms, sliders, dialogs, and other widgets.
  4. Handle touch, phone-orientation, scrolling and other phone events.
  5. Learn how to use jQuery Mobile to make calls, send SMS text messages, send emails, and display video.
  6. Extend jQuery Mobile's capabilities with the ThemeRoller framework.
  7. Create plugins and incorporate others' plugins into your code.
  1. What Is jQuery Mobile?
    1. Introducing jQuery Mobile
    2. What jQuery Is Not
    3. Supported Platforms
    4. Progressive Enhancement and Responsive Web Design
    5. Accessibility Support
    6. A First Example
    7. jQuery Mobile WYSIWYG Builder
    8. HTML5
    9. New HTML5 Features
    10. A First Example
    11. HTML5 Forms
    12. HTML5 Form Example
    13. CSS3 Media Queries
  2. Getting Started with jQuery
    1. Getting Started With jQuery Mobile
    2. A Basic Page Template
    3. A Basic Page Template
    4. Linking between Pages
    5. Ajax Navigation System
    6. Page Transitions
    7. Buttons
    8. Dialogs
  3. Widgets and UI
    1. User Interface Elements
    2. Lists
    3. Collapsible Content
    4. Grids
    5. Forms
  4. JavaScript and Events
    1. jQuery Basics
    2. Events
    3. Calling Event Handlers
    4. Orientation
    5. Refreshing the DOM
    6. Configuring Defaults with JavaScript
  5. Integration with the Phone
    1. Calls, Emails and Texts
    2. Custom Home Screen/Bookmark Icons
    3. Android-Specific JSON Manifest
    4. The Geolocation API
    5. How It Works
    6. Browser and Device Support
    7. JavaScript Implementation
    8. A Simple Example
    9. Finding Nearby Places
    10. Video
    11. Video Formats
    12. Further Reading
  6. The Theme Framework
    1. The Theme Framework
    2. Themes in jQuery Mobile
    3. ThemeRoller
    4. Icons
    5. Custom CSS
    6. Updating the Nan and Bob Site's Look
  7. Plugins
    1. Why Plugins?
    2. The jQuery UI Widget Factory
    3. Using Others' Plugins
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Mobile Web class:

  • HTML 4
  • Basic CSS
  • Basic JavaScript
  • Ajax
  • jQuery

Experience in the following would be useful for this Mobile Web class:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
Prerequisite Courses

Courses that can help you meet these prerequisites:

Follow-on Courses