All About Blogging

2 Days

In this blogging class, students will learn just that: all about blogging and how to acquire the skills and habits to become a successful blogger.

Each student will get a copy of Born to Blog: Building Your Blog for Personal and Business Success One Post at a Time, which serves as a guide for this course.

  1. Learn the common traits of successful bloggers.
  2. Learn how blog writing differs from other types of writing.
  3. Learn the steps to consider when blogging.
  4. Learn about the benefits of blogging for your business.
  5. Learn how to maintain a blogging plan long term.
  6. Learn tips for attracting readers to your blog.
  7. Learn how to work with blog contributors.
  8. Learn how to monetize your blog.
  9. Learn how to troubleshoot your blog.
  1. The Common Traits of Successful Bloggers
    1. Tenacity
    2. Focus on Your Passions
    3. Flexibility
    4. Consistency
    5. Courage
  2. You're Not a Writer, You're a Blogger
    1. Find Your Voice
    2. Blog Upside Down
    3. Keep it Short
    4. Hoist a Hearty Headline
    5. Have the Courage to be Imperfect
    6. Don't Just Write, Rewrite
    7. Entertain Me
  3. Yes – YOU Can Blog
    1. Skill 1: Dreaming
    2. Skill 2: Storytelling
    3. Skill 3: Persuading
    4. Skill 4: Teaching
    5. Skill 5: Curation
  4. Discovering Your Blogging Skills
    1. Born to Blog Skills Quiz
    2. Understanding Your Skills
    3. Why Your Business Should Blog
    4. The Business Benefits of Blogging
    5. The Blogging Three Stooges
  5. Corporate Blogging's Most Common Questions
    1. Who Owns the Blog?
    2. How Do I Measure the Success of My Blog?
    3. How Do I Develop a Content Plan?
    4. How Often Should We Blog?
    5. Do I Write Myself or Outsource?
    6. We Are Already Busy, How Do We Find the Time to Blog?
    7. What Happens if We Get Negative Comments?
  6. The Minimum Viable Blog
    1. Lean Thinking
    2. Rapid Testing and Iteration
    3. Minimum Viable Blueprint
    4. Unblocking Content
    5. Identity Content
    6. People Content
    7. Bread and Butter Content
  7. Attracting Readers
    1. Give Away Your Best
    2. Add Your Blog to Your Current Marketing Efforts
    3. Contribute to Other Publications
    4. Get Active on Your Reader's Social Channels
    5. Use Savvy, Simple SEO
    6. Host Guest Bloggers
    7. Join and sponsor Conversations
    8. Reward Your Readers
  8. Attracting and Nurturing Blog Contributors
    1. How Can You Spot a Star Blog Contributor?
    2. Blogger Coaching
    3. Making Your Blog Pay
    4. Four Ways to Turn Readers into Customers
    5. Blog Monetization Rules of Thumb
    6. Front-End Versus Back-End Monetization
  9. Rocks in the Road
    1. Your Lawyer is Waiting
    2. Deadline, What Deadline?
    3. You Aren't Getting Any Comments
    4. You Aren't Getting Any Readers
    5. You Have Run Out of Things You Want to Write About
    6. Your Blog Has Strayed
    7. Management Wants to Know the ROI of the Blog
  10. Breaking Through With a Personal Blog
    1. Objectives of Personal Blogs
    2. Your Blog's Style
    3. Perfect is the Enemy of Good
    4. Picking the Best Blogging Platform
    5. Blog Setup Checklist
  11. Blogging Habits
    1. Habit 1: Write Every Day
    2. Habit 2: Master Your Subject
    3. Habit 3: Ignite Conversation
    4. Habit 4: Building Your Support Team
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.