Introduction to After Effects CS6 Training

2 Days

In this Adobe After Effects training course, students new to After Effects CS6 will learn to create motion graphics and visual effects. It is packed with hands-on exercises so that students can learn by doing.

  1. Get familiar with the After Effects CS6 work area.
  2. Learn to create and understand Comps.
  3. Learn to work with Keyframes.
  4. Learn Layers, Effects, and Modes.
  5. Learn to work with Masks and Mattes.
  6. Learn to import and edit text.
  7. Learn about type.
  8. Learn to work with music in your animation.
  1. Getting Started with After Effects CS6
    1. Project Structure
    2. Main Application Window
    3. Tools Panel
    4. Project Panel
    5. Importing Footage
    6. Composition Panel
    7. Timeline Panel
    8. Layer Panel
    9. Info, Preview, Audio Panels
    10. Effects & Presets, Effect Controls
    11. Workspaces
    12. Adobe Bridge
  2. Basic Animation
    1. Creating Folders In The Project Panel
    2. Creating A New Composition
    3. Importing Files And Folders
    4. Interpreting Alpha Channels
    5. Adding Layers To The Comp Panel
    6. Changing The Background Color
    7. Scrubbing Parameter Values
    8. Interactively Transforming Layers
    9. Animating Position; RAM Preview
    10. Navigating Between Keyframes
    11. Adding A Background Layer
    12. Dragging Footage To The Timeline Panel
    13. Editing A Keyframe's Bezier Handles
    14. Editing Spatial Keyframes; Motion Paths
    15. Animating Opacity, Scale, And Rotation
    16. Arranging And Replacing Layers
    17. Adding Solid Layers
    18. Applying, Copying And Pasting Effects
    19. Rendering
    20. Understanding The Comp's Alpha Channel
    21. Importing Layered Photoshop And Illustrator Files
  3. Advanced Animation
    1. Keyframe Basics
    2. The Work Area
    3. Anchor Point Overview
    4. Pan Behind Tool
    5. Motion Control Moves
    6. The Graph Editor
    7. Speed Versus Value Graphs
    8. Panning And Zooming Time
    9. Editing Graph Curves
    10. Easing Animations
    11. Graph Editor Sets
    12. Separate Dimensions
    13. Motion Sketch
    14. Smoother
    15. Auto-Orient
    16. Motion Blur
    17. Roving Keyframes
    18. Time-Reverse Keyframes
    19. Hold Keyframes
    20. Time Display And Timecode
  4. Layer Control
    1. Layers And Stacking Order
    2. Moving Layers In Time
    3. Trimming Layers
    4. Trimming In The Layer And Footage Panels
    5. Slip Editing
    6. Sequence Layers Assistant
    7. Looping Footage
    8. Image Sequences
    9. Changing The Frame Rate; Time Stretch
    10. Blending Modes
    11. Effects And Solids
    12. Effect Motion Path
    13. Effects & Presets Panel
    14. Searching For Effects
    15. Animation Presets
    16. Behavior Presets
    17. Layer Styles
    18. Adjustment Layers
    19. Filmic Glow
    20. Non-Square Pixels
  5. Creating Transparency
    1. Masking Tools, Creating Mask Shapes
    2. Rounded Rectangle Tool
    3. Free Transform Points
    4. Masking In The Layer Panel
    5. Mask Feather
    6. Animating A Mask Path
    7. Creating A Vignette; Mask Expansion
    8. Masking With The Pen Tool
    9. Creating And Editing Bezier Masks
    10. Effecting A Masked Area
    11. Controlling Mask Path Interpolation
    12. Using Effects With The Mask Path
    13. Mask Modes And Multiple Masks
    14. Mask Opacity
    15. Creating And Editing Rotobezier Masks
    16. Audio Spectrum Effect
    17. Alpha Track Matte
    18. Nesting A Track Matte Composite
    19. Luma Track Matte
    20. Animating Matte Layers
    21. Stencil Alpha And Stencil Luma
    22. Effects With Track Mattes And Stencils
  6. Type And Music
    1. Creating Basic Text
    2. Creating Text Animators, Range Selectors
    3. Animating Text Transform Properties
    4. Randomizing The Order Of Characters
    5. Creating Cascading Text
    6. Working With Selection Shapes
    7. Setting The Text Anchor Point
    8. Animating By Words
    9. Title Safe Areas
    10. Animating Text Blur And Tracking
    11. Text On A Path
    12. Per-Character 3D Animators
    13. Separating Fields
    14. Adding The Wiggly Selector
    15. Rendering With An Alpha Channel
    16. Field Rendering
    17. Adding Sound To A Comp
    18. Add Comp And Layer Markers
    19. Applying Text Animation Presets
    20. Customizing Presets
    21. Saving Text Animations As Presets
    22. Editing Photoshop Text Layers
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Follow-on Courses