Desktop Virtualization with VMware Horizon View 6.0

Desktop virtualization is the next great wave in IT's ongoing quest to provide better service, higher availability, improved security, increased standardization and a more robust computing environment while lowering deployment, administration and infrastructure costs. This Desktop Virtualization with VMware Horizon View 6.0 training class is an intense introduction to desktop virtualization using VMware's Horizon View 6 product suite including VMware View Composer, VMware View Manager, View Connection Broker and Personna Manager. Successful VMware View implementations depend on the effective deployment and use of Active Directory, SQL Server, VMware vSphere, Windows desktop OS', networking infrastructure, SAN storage and NFS datastores. Our class is unique in that students build or use all of these components in class, thereby ensuring they can successfully deploy View in their own office. 40%+ of class time is devoted to labs so concepts and skills are reinforced.By the end of the class, attendees will have learned the benefits, mechanics and best practices of desktop virtualization. Attendees will be able to design, implement, deploy, configure, monitor, manage, troubleshoot and secure a robust virtual desktop environment that supports Windows 7 desktops according to best practices.

System architects who need to understand and design virtual desktop infrastructureSenior administrators responsible for technical design and lead the implementation of virtual desktop projectsSecurity specialists responsible for monitor, managing, securing and administering access to remote desktopsOperators responsible for day-to-day operation of virtual desktopsVMware customers and prospects who want to learn how to extract the maximum benefit from their investment in virtual desktopsManagers who need an unbiased understanding of virtual desktops before committing their organization to a virtual desktop deployment.


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Course Topics
  1. Explain the many significant benefits of desktop virtualization.
  2. Install and configure VMware View according to best practices.
  3. Create, administer, and manage desktop pools.
  4. Deploy traditional and linked clone virtual desktops.
  5. Build and use virtual desktop pools including manual pools, floating pools, and terminal services pools.
  6. Create secure desktop connections through untrusted public networks.
  7. Use View Composer to build linked clone pools,
  8. Use Replica Server to scale up your View deployment.
  9. Understand and select appropriate Thin Client or Zero Client desktops.
  10. Understand and plan for growth in network use caused by virtual desktops.
  11. Simplify printing through the use of ThinPrint.
  1. Introduction to Desktop Virtualization
    1. Virtualization basics
    2. Server virtualization explained
    3. Desktop virtualization options explained
    4. Overview of Horizon View 6 features and capabilities
  2. View Manager and View Connection Server
    1. Installing VMware View Manager and Connection Server
    2. Configuring and administering Connection Server services
    3. Licensing Horizon View
  3. Horizon View Virtual Windows Desktops
    1. Desktop display protocols including RDP, ICA and PCoIP
    2. Create and work with View Manual Pools
    3. Working with virtual desktop removable media
    4. Managing virtual desktop USB connections
    5. Manage entitlements to virtual desktops
  4. View Client Options
    1. View Client options for Windows, Mac, Tablets and Smart Phones
    2. Thin client and Zero Client desktops
    3. Working with the View Client and View Agent
    4. Best practices for managing virtual desktops with View
    5. Use ThinPrint to connect to printers
  5. Automatic Desktop VM Provisioning
    1. Configure desktop pools for automatic VM provisioning
    2. Managing virtual desktop access and permissions
    3. User to Desktop assignments – Dedicated and Floating Pools
    4. Virtual desktop session management
    5. Working with user to desktop entitlements
    6. Monitoring your View environment from View Manager
  6. Linked Clone Virtual Desktops
    1. Storage inefficiencies of discrete virtual desktops explained
    2. Work with VMware View Composer
    3. Achieving safe, high storage over commit with Link Clone Pools
    4. Creating Linked clone virtual desktop base images
    5. Deploying Linked Clone virtual desktop instances
    6. Administering persistent and temporary virtual disks
    7. VMware View database administration
  7. Working with RDS Application and Desktop Pools
    1. Configuring Microsoft RDS servers
    2. Horizon View RDS pool options
    3. Using View to provision and access RDS desktop pools
    4. Using View to provision and access RDS application pools
  8. View Security Server and Replica Server
    1. Adding scalability and redundancy to your View environment
    2. Use View Security Server to safely allow access from untrusted networks
    3. Use View Replica Server to scale up connection brokerage services
    4. Network considerations for security and authentication
  9. View Persona Management
    1. Use View Persona Management to manage user profiles
    2. Compare/Contrast Persona Management with Windows Roaming Profiles
    3. Configure and use View Personna manager according to best practices
  10. View Transfer Server and Local Mode
    1. Local Mode virtual desktops
    2. Installing and configuring View Transfer Server
    3. Checking out a Local Mode Desktop
    4. Synchronizing a Local Mode Desktop
  11. Security
    1. Security overview for virtual desktops
    2. Authentication options for user access
    3. Planning and implementing network security
  12. Managing View from the Command Line
    1. Creating databases for View
    2. Options and procedures for View database backup and recovery
    3. Using the vdmadmin tool for View command line management
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this VMware class:

  • Familiarity with VMware's enterprise virtualization products as well as competency with common tools and technology found in most IT departments.

Experience in the following would be useful for this VMware class:

  • Experience installing, configuring and administering ESXi 5.x and vCenter 5.x.
  • Experience building virtual machines from scratch and also from clones and templates.
  • Experience understanding and using VM Spec files that assist in rapid VM deployment.
  • Experience working with shared storage resources including SAN LUNs and NAS shares.
  • Experience using VMware Thin and Thick virtual disks.
  • Experience Integrating desktops into an Active Directory environment.

Training for your Team

Length: 4 Days
  • Private Class for your Team
  • Online or On-location
  • Customizable
  • Expert Instructors

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