Twitter Training

In this Twitter training class, students will learn all about using Twitter for business.

  1. Learn the basics of Twitter and how to get started.
  2. Learn how to use Twitter to generate customers.
  3. Learn how to apply Twitter tools.
  4. Learn how to choose who you should follow.
  5. Learn how to attract fans.
  6. Learn how to build lasting relationships with your customers.
  1. Why Twitter?
    1. Connecting with Others
    2. Twitter Facts
    3. Is Twitter for You?
    4. Social Impact
  2. The ABCs of Twitter
    1. Twitter Lingo
  3. Getting Started with Twitter
    1. Creating Your Twitter Account
    2. Tweeting with the Other Birds
    3. Types of Tweets
    4. Protected Tweets
    5. Why Only 140 Characters?
    6. What Should I Say?
    7. What Not to Say on Twitter
    8. Your First Tweet
  4. Customizing Your Twitter Profile to Attract Followers
    1. Your Twitter Profile Picture
    2. Image Banners
    3. Your Twitter Bio
    4. Advanced Profile Configuration
    5. The @ Connect Tab
  5. Following and Followers: The Foundation of Your Twitter Strategy
    1. The Art of Following
    2. Twitter Styles
    3. Finding the Right People to Follow
    4. Building Your Followers
  6. Aligning Your Twitter Strategy with Your Business
    1. Twitter Strategies
    2. Create a Twitter Plan for Marketing, Sales, Support, and Reputation Management
    3. Support and Reputation Management
    4. Choose the Audience You Wish to Reach
    5. Speak Your Audience's Language
    6. Track Your Twitter Activity and Measure Engagement
    7. Track Your Ad-generation Efforts
    8. Monitor Your Reputation
    9. Assign Duties to the Appropriate Departments
    10. Twitter-promoted Services
  7. Advanced Twitter
    1. Twitter Lists
    2. Creating Viral Tweets
    3. Lead Generation
    4. Building Your Brand or Business
    5. "Advertising" on Twitter: Promoted Products
    6. Contests
  8. Twitter Tools
    1. HootSuite
    2. HootSuite Analytics
    3. Buffer
    4. TweetChat
    5. Twitpic
    6. Twylah
  9. Twitter Success Stories
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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Length: 1 Day
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  • Customizable
  • Expert Instructors

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What people say about our training

The instructor helped turn our bunch of twits into knowledgeable tweeters.
Aaron Gower
Summer Discovery
What a convenient way to take an instructor-led, high quality course. I learned so much and did it all from the comfort of my home. Plus my employer didn't have to pay travel expenses!
Dora Calderon
Premier Research
I had the time to ask questions. The instructor kept the pace at our learning curve and made it where it was not intimidating.
Cheryl Flynn
The class was great. It met all of our expectations. Thank you for being flexible with us.
Michael Shaw
IEX Corporation

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