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In this 2-day QuarkXPress 9 training class, you will learn the tools and techniques to produce professional-looking layouts. You will start with simple documents, learning the basics of type and page layout, and progress through working with long, multipage documents that incorporate dynamic graphics and effects. You will learn to use more advanced Quark features to improve workflow and efficiency, and how to prepare final art files for hand-off to a vendor.

  1. Learn to create a single-page document containing text and graphics.
  2. Learn to create the structure for a multi-page layout.
  3. Learn to typeset text in a multiple-page document.
  4. Learn to create tables to hold text and graphics.
  5. Learn to enhance the readability of a layout.
  6. Learn to prepare a layout for hand-off to a vendor for commercial output.
  7. Learn to create graphic effects using Bezier paths, transparency, drop shadows, alpha masks, and picture effects.
  8. Learn to create type effects so that body text and display type enhance the layout's design.
  9. Learn to lay out pages efficiently.
  10. Learn to control type color so that the densities of text blocks are modified as desired.
  11. Learn to apply color management techniques so that colors on the screen and the output match as accurately as possible.
  12. Examine different techniques for managing long documents.
  1. Letter Creation
    1. Setting Preferences
    2. The Measurements Panel
    3. Text Frames
    4. Basic Text Attributes
    5. Basic Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Large Type Letter
    1. More Text Attributes
  3. More Text Styling
    1. Baseline Shift
    2. Small Caps
    3. Line Tool
    4. Making Proper Fractions
  4. Magazine Ad
    1. Setting Up a Document Bleed
    2. Placing Images
    3. Combining Text and Images
    4. White Type on a Black Background
  5. Advanced Word Processing/Formatting
    1. Paragraph Spacing
    2. Tabs
  6. Professional Typesetting Techniques
    1. Bulleted Lists
    2. Hanging Bullets
    3. Hyphenation
    4. Discretionary Hyphens
    5. Special Break Characters
  7. Kerning/Tracking
    1. Kerning and Tracking
    2. Manual Kerning
  8. Creating a Movie Poster
    1. Importing Graphics
    2. Positioning Graphics
    3. Rotating Text
    4. Selecting Objects behind Other Objects
  9. Two-page Magazine Ad
    1. Facing Pages
    2. Color Swatches
    3. Defining Colors
  10. Drawing Bezier Curves
    1. Pen Tool
    2. Segments, Anchor Points, Curves
  11. Horse Racing Ad
    1. Multiple Text Columns
    2. Drop Caps
    3. Baseline Grid
    4. Text Runaround
  12. Magazine Cover
    1. Adding an Image with a Clipping Path
    2. Defining and Using Colors
    3. Type on a Path
  13. Style Sheets in a Magazine Article
    1. Paragraph Styles
    2. Characters Styles
    3. Conditional Styles
  14. Tables
    1. Creating Tables
    2. Placing Excel Tables
    3. Formatting Tables
  15. Anchored Boxes
    1. Anchoring Graphics in Text
    2. Text Runaround
    3. Aligning Graphics with Text
  16. Leaders Magazine - Master Pages and First Article
    1. Master Pages
    2. Step and Repeat
    3. Paragraph and Characters Styles
    4. Linking Text Boxes
  17. Leaders Magazine - Libraries and Second Article
    1. Libraries
    2. Working with Page Layout Palette
  18. Leaders Magazine - Find/Change, Spelling, H&Js
    1. Find/Change
    2. Spell Check
    3. Setting H&Js
  19. The Lawyer Joke Book
    1. Master Pages
    2. Automatic Page Numbers
    3. Automatic Text Flow
    4. Paragraph Rules
    5. Baseline Grid
    6. Find/Change with Paragraph Formatting
  20. Table of Contents Creation
    1. Table of Contents Defining and Building
    2. Table of Contents Formatting and Updating
  21. Creating an Index
    1. Index Panel
    2. Creating Index References and Topics
    3. Building an Index
    4. Updating an Index
  22. Book Creation
    1. Using Multiple Files to Create a Book
    2. Synchronizing Files
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I was looking for an explanation of how Expression Web worked vs. my current software of Front Page and I got this in spades. PLUS I wanted to be refreshed on how to do CSS and I got that big time. I wanted to have an appraisal of a few of my current web pages I maintain, and I got that as well. Perfection all around.

Bernard Schafer, General Services Administration
Washington, DC DC

Webucator provided an excellent in-depth training which provided me with the necessary knowledge to perform advanced tasks in Excel 2010.

Deidra Cook, MedSolutions, Inc
Harrisburg NC

This was my first online instructor led training class and I thoroughly enjoyed being in the comfort of my home. The pace was great and the hands on labs were excellent. Instructor was very knowledgeable.

Debbie Stearns, Raytheon Systems
Mesquite TX

This was a very informative and worthwhile class. It was easy to understand, there were lots of examples and we were able to work hands on with our own pieces while he taught each piece.

Teresa Maile, Priority Health
Grand Rapids MI

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