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This IBM Lotus Notes 8.5: Mail and Calendars training class is for a new user of Notes 8.5 and assumes no experience with Notes or any other email application. The topics covered are the critical skills you need to create, send, and respond to email in Notes, maintain a list of contacts, as well as schedule appointments and meetings.
Course Objective: You will become familiar with the critical skills needed to create, send, and respond to email in Notes, to maintain a list of contacts, to schedule appointments and meetings, and to use an instant messaging system.

The target student for this course is an end user who has not used an email package, works for a company that uses or is moving to Notes, needs to send and receive emails, and needs to manage his/her Calendar and To Do list.

  1. Identify the components of the Notes client environment and explore the mail database.
  2. Create email messages.
  3. Respond to email.
  4. Manage email messages.
  5. Create contacts.
  6. Use Sametime Instant Messaging.
  7. Use the Notes calendar to schedule appointments.
  8. Schedule a meeting.
  9. Use the To Do list.
  1. Getting Started with Notes
    1. The Notes System
    2. Explore the Notes Client Environment
    3. Change Notes Password
    4. Use Notes Help
  2. Creating Email Messages
    1. Compose an Email
    2. Send an Email
    3. Work with Draft Messages
  3. Responding to Email
    1. Reply to an Email
    2. Forward an Email
  4. Managing Email
    1. Work with Attachments
    2. Enable Out Of Office Mail
    3. Move Messages into a New Folder
    4. Manage Junk Mail
    5. Delete Messages and Folders
    6. Archive Email
  5. Creating Contacts
    1. Add a Contact
    2. Create a Mail Group
    3. Import and Export Contacts
  6. Working with Sametime
    1. Sametime Instant Messaging
    2. Work with Sametime Contacts
    3. Communicate with Sametime
  7. Using the Notes Calendar
    1. Set Up the Calendar
    2. Create Calendar Entries
    3. Edit Calendar Entries
  8. Scheduling Meetings
    1. Determine People, Room, and Resource Availability
    2. Create a Meeting Invitation
    3. Reschedule Meetings
  9. Using the To Do List
    1. Create a To Do List Item
    2. Delegate a To Do List Item
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Effie Holder, Enova Financial

This is a great course for those interested in building a base for understanding the SQL language.

Andrew Woods, Bankrate Insurance
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Despite my hearing impairment I was able to follow with the manual and the great job the instructor did. When I notifed Webucator that I had a hearing impairment, everyone I spoke to went out of their way to assist me in any way they could. I will definitely come back here for any other trainings I may need. They did a great job.

Karen Londos, Hollywood Healthcare Corp
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This three-day class is perfect for targeting and improving specific work skills. The instructor was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Rhonda Robinson, Jacobs Engineering
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