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In this QuarkXPress training class, you'll use QuarkXPress to lay out professional quality single and multiple-page documents that include text and graphics, and are designed for professional printing and publication. You have probably created simple documents, such as letters and reports, using word processing applications. You most likely applied basic type formatting, included some graphics in the documents, and printed the documents yourself on a desktop printer. Now you need to create high-quality single- and multiple-page documents for professional publication. In this QuarkXPress training class you will learn to do so.

  1. Learn to create a single-page document containing text and graphics.
  2. Learn to create the structure for a multi-page layout.
  3. Learn to typeset text in a multiple-page document.
  4. Learn to create tables to hold text and graphics.
  5. Learn to enhance the readability of a layout.
  6. Learn to prepare a layout for hand-off to a vendor for commercial output.
  1. Creating a Basic Single-Page Document
    1. Create a New Document
    2. Place Graphics
    3. Add Display Type
    4. Align Items with Guides
    5. Create Bleeds
  2. Structuring a Multi-Page Document
    1. Set Up a Facing-Pages Layout
    2. Create Additional Pages
    3. Define Colors
    4. Apply Colors
    5. Create and Apply Master Pages
  3. Typesetting
    1. Flow Text
    2. Adjust Vertical Spacing
    3. Align Type Horizontally
    4. Create Paragraph Rules
    5. Format Type with Style Sheets
    6. Modify Style Sheets
  4. Presenting Text and Graphics in Tables
    1. Create a Table Manually
    2. Create a Table from Text
    3. Display Graphics in Table Cells
    4. Resize Rows and Columns
    5. Modify Table Structure
    6. Format Table Cells
  5. Enhancing a Publication's Readability
    1. Check Spelling
    2. Apply Runaround
    3. Format Item Frames
    4. Inset Text
    5. Apply Continuation Page Numbering
  6. Finalizing a Document for Commercial Printing
    1. Check Picture Usage
    2. Check Font Usage
    3. Print a Proof
    4. Create Print Styles
    5. Collect for Output
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Students rated our Introduction to QuarkXPress 9 Training trainers 9.23 out of 10 based on 13 reviews

Very practical, helpful course, delivered personally through the Internet.

Kevin Grose, n/a
New York NY

I feel like I learned everything I needed to about QuarkXPress, plus some extras, in an Introductory course.

Brooke Walthall, Direct Solutions International Inc.
Dallas TX

When first signing up for the 7 hour (!) online class, I was hesitant. However, the instructor was professional, well-paced and had breaks on a regular basis. The day actually flew by...Who Knew?

Kelly Critelli, EisnerAmper LLP
Bridgewater NJ

Great Class.

Joyce Civello, EisnerAmper LLP
Jenkintown PA

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