Introduction to Camtasia Studio 7

In this Camtasia Studio 7 training class, you can quickly create visual demonstrations of just about anything (computer software or soft skills training) and post your completed lessons on the Web or burn them to a CD. Your lessons can include videos of actions taken on your computer, animation, audio, quizzes and surveys.


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  1. Learn to capture videos with Camtasia.
  2. Learn to work with images.
  3. Learn to work with title clips, transitions and callouts.
  4. Learn to work with audio.
  5. Learn to produce your videos.
  6. Learn to enlarge and focus on specific areas of the video.
  7. Learn to use markers, hotspots and tables of contents.
  8. Learn to create quizzes and surveys.
  1. eLearning and Camtasia
    1. Education Through Pictures
    2. Camtasia's History
    3. Planning eLearning Projects
    4. The Development Process
    5. The Power Scale
    6. Budgeting Considerations
    7. The Camtasia Studio Interface
    8. The Clip Bin and Library
    9. The Preview Panel
  2. Recording Videos
    1. Rehearse a Script
    2. Set Camtasia Tools Options
    3. Select a Recording Area
    4. Record a Video
    5. Add a System Stamp and Caption
    6. Add Effects While Recording
  3. Videos, Images and PIP
    1. Import a Camrec Video
    2. Add a Video to the Timeline
    3. Import Images
    4. Add an Image to the PIP Track
    5. Create a Watermark
    6. Add Cursor Effects
  4. Title Clips, Transitions and Callouts
    1. Create a Title Clip
    2. Add Slide Transitions
    3. Set Transition Duration
    4. Add a Text Callout
    5. Modify Text Callout Properties
    6. Add a Rectangle Callout
    7. Add a Highlight Rectangle
  5. Audio
    1. Add Background Music to a Video
    2. Fade Audio In and Out
    3. Record Voice Narration
    4. Split a Music Clip
    5. Lower Audio Volume
    6. Replace Audio with Silence
    7. Remove Noise
  6. Produce Videos
    1. Produce a Video For the Web
    2. Produce a Video for CD Distribution
    3. Share to YouTube
    4. Add a Watermark to a Produced Video
  7. Focus, Markers, TOCs and Hotspots
    1. Control Mouse Visibility
    2. Add a Zoom-n-Pan
    3. Add a Zoom-n-Pan Keyframe
    4. Apply SmartFocus
    5. Add a Marker
    6. Add a TOC
    7. Customize a TOC
    8. Replace a Background Image
    9. Add a Transparent Hotspot
    10. Set Flash Hotspot Properties
  8. Flash Quizzes and Surveys
    1. Add a Quiz and Multiple Choice Question
    2. Add a Fill In the Blank Question
    3. Produce Part of a Video
    4. Edit Answer Details
    5. Add a Survey
    6. Set Quiz Production Options
    7. Set Quiz and Survey Results via E-mail
  9. Theater and MenuMaker
    1. Theater
    2. MenuMaker
    3. Create a Web Menu Playlist
    4. Customize a Web Menu
    5. Create a CD Menu
    6. Customize a CD Menu
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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