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Many organizations identify critical thinking as the missing link between success and failure in their workforce. More often than not, critical and creative thinking are the keys to successful customer relations, project management, supervision, marketing, and fiscal success. This Critical Thinking for Business training class analyzes the factors that affect decision making and problem solving and teaches students new concepts that may be applied to workplace situations to improve decisions and performance.

  1. Understand critical thinking and the value it adds to an organization.
  2. List the benefits and detriments of emotional thinking.
  3. Evaluate the impact of rote thinking on business.
  4. Define one's own decision-making foundations.
  5. Explain the importance of rational and creative thinking in the workplace.
  6. Apply critical-thinking tools and techniques to a variety of workplace scenarios.
  1. Critical Thinking in the Workplace
    1. The Key to Success
    2. The Effect of Critical Thinking on Decisions
    3. A Study of the Best (and Worst) Managers
  2. Emotion-based Thinking
    1. A Natural Process
    2. The Role of Emotion
    3. Turning from Emotion to Reason
  3. Rote Thinking
    1. Traditions
    2. Assumptions
    3. Fears
    4. Comfort
  4. Unboxed Thinking
    1. Understanding One's Own Decision-making Foundation
    2. Simple Logic (Common Sense)
    3. Viewing the Bigger Picture
    4. Creative Thinking
  5. Developing Problem-solving and Decision-making Skills
    1. Viewing a Situation from Multiple Perspectives
    2. Understanding the Decisions behind the Decisions
    3. Identifying and Evaluating Assumptions
    4. Collecting Facts
    5. Induction and Deduction
    6. Analytical Tools
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