CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Training

This CompTIA PenTest+ training class is for intermediate-skills-level cybersecurity professionals who are tasked with hands-on penetration testing to identify, exploit, report, and manage vulnerabilities on a network.

This course is also designed for individuals who are preparing to take the CompTIA PenTest+ certification exam PT0-001, or who plan to use PenTest+ as the foundation for more advanced security certifications or career roles. Individuals seeking this certification should have three to four years of hands-on experience performing penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, and vulnerability management.

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Webucator is a CompTIA Authorized Partner. Our CompTIA courses use CompTIA-approved learning materials and are delivered by CompTIA-certified instructors.


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Course Topics
  1. Plan and scope penetration tests.
  2. Conduct passive reconnaissance.
  3. Perform non-technical tests to gather information.
  4. Conduct active reconnaissance.
  5. Analyze vulnerabilities.
  6. Penetrate networks.
  7. Exploit host-based vulnerabilities.
  8. Test applications.
  9. Complete post-exploit tasks.
  10. Analyze and report pen test results.
  1. Planning and Scoping Penetration Tests
    1. Introduction to Penetration Testing Concepts
    2. Plan a Pen Test Engagement
    3. Scope and Negotiate a Pen Test Engagement
    4. Prepare for a Pen Test Engagement
  2. Conducting Passive Reconnaissance
    1. Gather Background Information
    2. Prepare Background Findings for Next Steps
  3. Performing Non-Technical Tests
    1. Perform Social Engineering Tests
    2. Perform Physical Security Tests on Facilities
  4. Conducting Active Reconnaissance
    1. Scan Networks
    2. Enumerate Targets
    3. Scan for Vulnerabilities
    4. Analyze Basic Scripts
  5. Analyzing Vulnerabilities
    1. Analyze Vulnerability Scan Results
    2. Leverage Information to Prepare for Exploitation
  6. Penetrating Networks
    1. Exploit Network-Based Vulnerabilities
    2. Exploit Wireless and RF-Based Vulnerabilities
    3. Exploit Specialized Systems
  7. Exploiting Host-Based Vulnerabilities
    1. Exploit Windows-Based Vulnerabilities
    2. Exploit *nix-Based Vulnerabilities
  8. Testing Applications
    1. Exploit Web Application Vulnerabilities
    2. Test Source Code and Compiled Apps
  9. Completing Post-Exploit Tasks
    1. Use Lateral Movement Techniques
    2. Use Persistence Techniques
    3. Use Anti-Forensics Techniques
  10. Analyzing and Reporting Pen Test Results
    1. Analyze Pen Test Data
    2. Develop Recommendations for Mitigation Strategies
    3. Write and Handle Reports
    4. Conduct Post-Report-Delivery Activities
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this CompTIA class:

  • Intermediate knowledge of information security concepts, including but not limited to identity and access management (IAM), cryptographic concepts and implementations, computer networking concepts and implementations, and common security technologies.
  • Practical experience in securing various computing environments, including small to medium businesses, as well as enterprise environments.

Training for your Team

Length: 5 Days
  • Private Class for your Team
  • Online or On-location
  • Customizable
  • Expert Instructors

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I would highly recommend the Introductory Crystal Reports class to anyone who needs a refresher or is new to Crystal Reports. The material is very easy to follow and the instructor led a very productive and informative class!!
Steve Smith
Grain Millers
I felt like I got a great intro to JavaScript. My HTML knowledge is not as solid as it should have been prior to taking this course. Once I improve my HTML skills, I plan on taking this class again to help me absorb the information presented here.
Jammie Halstead
Dharmacon INc
Best Class Ever. Comprehensive material and great instructor.
Kathleen Webber
National Fuel Gas
Webucator was able to showcase the basic tools needed to expand my knowledge in the realm of Adobe.
Brittany Bermensolo
Red Energy

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