CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ (Exam CLO-002)

This CompTIA Cloud Essentials (Exam CLO-002) Training class teaches the skills required to evaluate and implement standard cloud deployments. Students will use cloud technologies, including network, storage, and virtualization components, to create cloud solutions. Students will also manage workload migrations, manage cloud vendors to control costs, use automation, and orchestration to bring business value from cloud solutions and ensure cloud security. In addition, this class provides excellent preparation for the CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certification (Exam CLO-002).

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  1. Understand Cloud computing concepts.
  2. Learn to apply Cloud business principles.
  3. Learn to advise a Cloud design and migration.
  4. Learn to operate in the Cloud.
  5. Learn to manage Cloud governance.
  1. Understanding Cloud Computing Concepts
    1. Understand Basic Cloud Concepts and Terms
    2. Identify Cloud Network and Cloud Storage Technologies
    3. Recognize Cloud Design Aspects
  2. Applying Cloud Business Principles
    1. Relate Cloud Concepts to Business Principles
    2. Establish Cloud Vendor Relations
    3. Distinguish the Financial Aspects of Engaging a Cloud Service Provider
    4. Report Financial Expenditures
  3. Advising a Cloud Design and Migration
    1. Relate Cloud Concepts to Cloud Design and Migration
    2. Use Cloud Assessments
    3. Manage Cloud Design
    4. Compare Cloud Migration Approaches
    5. Identify Benefits and Solutions of Cloud Services
  4. Operating in the Cloud
    1. Relate Cloud Concepts to Technical Operations
    2. Identify the Technical Aspects of Cloud Operations
    3. Understand DevOps in the Cloud
    4. Explain Cloud Security Concerns, Measures, and Concepts
  5. Managing Cloud Governance
    1. Relate Cloud Concepts to Governance
    2. Apply Risk Management Concepts
    3. Understand Compliance and the Cloud
    4. Manage Policies and Procedures for Cloud Services
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following would be useful for this CompTIA class:

  • At least six months of experience in an IT environment, with direct involvement in IT-related tasks, responsibilities and/or decision-making.

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This course provided a unique mix of in-depth explanation of basics, novelty, challenge, and interactivity.
Assia Alexandrova
City of Fort Lauderdale
I'm now advanced in Microsoft Project within 2 days!
Suzanne Hill
PFM Medical, Inc.

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