Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification Preparation

In this Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) ® Certification Preparation training class, students will project management fundamentals, earn the required PMI® 23 contact hours, and prepare to take the CAPM exam.

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  1. Learn project management fundamentals.
  2. Identify project management processes.
  3. Learn how to initiate a project.
  4. Learn how to manage project scope.
  5. Learn how to estimate project time.
  6. Learn how to develop project schedules.
  7. Learn how to analyze project cost.
  8. Learn how to measure project quality.
  9. Learn how to organize human resources for a project.
  10. Learn how to devise effective communication methods for resources involved in the project.
  11. Learn how to analyze risks and plan risk responses.
  12. Learn how to process project procurements.
  13. Learn how to integrate project workflow.
  1. Tricks of the Trade for Studying for the Exam
    1. Qualifying to Take the CAPM Exam
    2. What Is the CAPM Exam Like?
    3. Tricks for Taking and Passing the CAPM Exam
    4. How to Study
    5. PMI-isms
  2. Project Management Framework
    1. Terms and Concepts
    2. Organizational Structure
    3. Project Life Cycle and Project Management Process
    4. Project Management Framework Review
  3. Project Management Process
    1. Initiating Process Group
    2. Planning Process Group
    3. Executing Process Group
    4. Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
    5. Closing Process Group
    6. Inputs and Outputs
    7. Project Management Process Review
  4. Integration Management
    1. Develop Project Charter
    2. Develop Project Management Plan
    3. Direct and Manage Project Work
    4. Monitor and Control Project Work
    5. Perform Integrated Change Control
    6. Close Project or Phase
    7. Integration Management Review
  5. Scope Management
    1. Plan Scope Management
    2. Collect Requirements
    3. Define Scope
    4. Create WBS
    5. Validate Scope
    6. Control Scope
    7. Scope Management Review
  6. Time Management
    1. Plan Schedule Management
    2. Define Activities
    3. Sequence Activities
    4. Estimate Activity Resources
    5. Estimate Activity Durations
    6. Develop Schedule
    7. Control Schedule
    8. Time Management Review
  7. Cost Management
    1. Plan Cost Management
    2. Estimate Costs
    3. Determine Budget
    4. Control Costs
    5. Cost Management Review
  8. Quality Management
    1. Plan Quality Management
    2. Perform Quality Assurance
    3. Control Quality
    4. Quality Management Review
  9. Human Resource Management
    1. Plan Human Resource Management
    2. Acquire Project Team
    3. Develop Project Team
    4. Manage Project Team
    5. Human Resource Management Review
  10. Communications Management
    1. Plan Communications Management
    2. Manage Communication
    3. Control Communications
    4. Communications Management Review
  11. Risk Management
    1. Plan Risk Management
    2. Identify Risks
    3. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
    4. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
    5. Plan Risk Responses
    6. Control Risks
    7. Risk Management Review
  12. Procurement Management
    1. Plan Procurement Management
    2. Conduct Procurement
    3. Control Procurement
    4. Close Procurement
    5. Procurement Management Review
  13. Stakeholder Management
    1. Identify Stakeholders
    2. Plan Stakeholder Management
    3. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
    4. Control Stakeholder Engagement
    5. Stakeholder Management Review
Professional Development Units

23 PMI® PDUs

Webucator is a Registered Education Provider approved by PMI® to issue 23 professional development units for the successful completion of this course.

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This course covered all of the important aspects of the CAPM exam and I feel very prepared to take the test!
Jake Rumanek
Webucator provided an excellent introduction to project management and prep for the exam. I am confident that as a result of my participation in the CAPM course, I will do well on the exam!
Ankica Jedry
A convenient method of learning from anywhere. Webucator provides group interaction and training that's top notch.
Scott Richards
I've used Dreamweaver before, but never had the background in HTML. This was exactly what I needed -- now I can see the big picture.
Carol Youtz
ExecuTrain of Idaho

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