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How to share links among WordPress MU Blogs

We have recently started using WordPress MU to manage several blogs related to the products, technologies and practices on which we provide training.  I was looking for an easy way to link these blogs to each other in the sidebar without managing the links separately in each blog. Continue Reading »


PMP Certification: Is it Worth it?

Having trained literally thousands of students over the past 10+ years in both Project Management as well as a host of technologies (ASP.NET, C#, XML…all about that in a different post!) I am invariably asked at least once a week: “What do you think of certifications?” Continue Reading »


You Don’t Need Microsoft Project (unless you do)

Unless you’re a fan of drawing out your Gantt charts by hand, you will likely find yourself needing some sort of Project Management Software during the course of your career.  And if you’re like most folks in the corporate world, the first piece of software that will come to mind will likely be Microsoft Project. Continue Reading »