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Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Business

I attended a terrific webinar hosted by SocialMedia Examiner and picked up many social media marketing tips that I find to be both practical and easy to implement.  Here are the ones that most resonated with me.

Tip# 1: Video is Your New Darling

I say video has become the new darling for search engines. According to Forrester Research a properly submitted video is 50 times more likely to achieve a first-page Google ranking as compared with standard search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Thus, quality video content has tremendous SEO opportunities. Continue Reading »


Conditional Formatting in Crystal Reports

What exactly is Conditional Formatting in Crystal Reports?

Conditional formatting, put simply, is formatting  (e.g, font color, font style, etc.) applied to data that meets certain rules or conditions.  For example, the person requesting the report would like the Total Sales field to have a green background if the amount is greater than $5000. Continue Reading »


GUI Design Training

We recently had a client ask if we could deliver GUI Design Training,  Well, we thought, GUI design is not new, so finding a good GUI design trainer and courseware should be pretty simple. Continue Reading »


Excel: Selecting Cells Made Easy

The Mystery of the Runaway Mouse: Solved!

Have you ever tried to select just certain cells in Excel and before you knew it, you were down at row 2002? You can spend a great deal of frustrating time selecting just the right cells – you can go down too far, then go up too far, too far to the left, or too far to the right – that is what I call the runaway mouse. Continue Reading »


To PNG or not to PNG

These days you have three options for including images on your web pages:

  1. JPG (pronounced jay peg)
  2. GIF (pronounced jif like the peanut butter, though often mispronounced with a hard G as in gift)
  3. PNG (pronounced ping as in ping pong) Continue Reading »

2 Basic SEO Steps to Increase Your Web Traffic

Good SEO incorporates much technical tweaking and maintenance. Most of this technical tweaking involves web design, which includes link text, headers, HTML tags, and much more. Fighting your way to the top spot of Google will require more than simply making your site SEO friendly, however.  Continue Reading »