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New JIRA Course

Webucator is offering a new course: Introduction to JIRA Administration Training.

This course is meant for JIRA system administrators, project administrators, and end users.

This JIRA course was created to explain the intricacies of project configuration. It begins with a focus on the individual pieces of a project and then teaches how to tie them together. Students will leave with a greater understanding of JIRA installations that they work with every day.

This course was written by Robert Anthony. Robert has administered and configured JIRA installations for multiple startups such as Playdom, Image Metrics, and Concept Art House.


The 25 Hottest Technologies in Q2 2016

Based on the number of active StackOverflow posts, the 25 hottest technologies of Q2, 2016 are:

  1. JavaScript – 11.7%
  2. Java – 9.9%
  3. Android – 8.6%
  4. PHP – 7.5%
  5. C# – 7.2%
  6. Python – 6.8%
  7. jQuery – 5.2%
  8. HTML – 5.0%
  9. iOS – 4.3%
  10. CSS – 3.5%
  11. C++ – 3.4%
  12. MySQL – 3.1%
  13. AngularJS – 3.1%
  14. SQL – 2.4%
  15. Swift – 2.3%
  16. Node.Js – 2.1%
  17. R – 2.0%
  18. JSON – 1.8%
  19. Ruby on Rails – 1.7%
  20. ASP.NET – 1.7%
  21. C – 1.5%
  22. SQL Server – 1.5%
  23. Objective-C – 1.4%
  24. .NET – 1.3%
  25. Excel – 1.2%

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ColdFusion Builder and Indentation Woes

We use Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2016 for our ColdFusion development. We have agreed on using spaces rather than tabs for indentation, but have run into an annoying little problem, which is either a bug or a very well hidden property. When adding an indentation level, CFBuilder always adds a tab. You can press Backspace and then Tab to change it to two spaces, but that’s annoying. Here’s the problem in pictures: Continue Reading »


Python Project for Job Application

You have an opening for a Python developer in your company. Your company is awesome, so you expect to get a lot of applications. You only want to interview developers who have some experience writing object-oriented Python code. You don’t need to test the breadth of their immediate knowledge as much as their ability to get a project done using all the resources available to them.

Here’s an idea for a project you can give the candidates to demonstrate their proficiency with Python. Continue Reading »


NYTimes.com, Please Stop Blocking Copy & Paste

Please share to see if we can get the NYTimes.com to change this.

Dear New York Times website,

Awhile back, you released a new website design that prevents readers like me from copying content from your articles. When I double-click on a word to highlight it, the page zooms. That’s not what I want or expect. If I need to zoom in on a web page, I can zoom. All modern browsers have built-in methods for changing the display size of page content.  Continue Reading »