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Webucator Awards 2019-2020 Computer Science Scholarship

Webucator has been offering a scholarship for Computer Science students who show potential for leadership in the field of Computer Science since 2015. We receive numerous applications every year and it is always hard to choose just one winner. But we have to. The winner for the 2019-2020 academic year is Abou Diomande.

Abou finds the field of Computer Science rewarding because he gets “to solve problems that are going to help people and better our world” and because it is a field in which he “will never be bored”. After college Abou hopes to work as a software application developer. In a letter of reference, one of Abou’s professors said “Along with persistence, Abou has demonstrated curiosity in learning more about computer science and related fields, and seems to enjoy the challenge of building software applications. He also shows respect for others in his interactions with faculty and other students. These positive character traits are good indicators that he can achieve success in his continued studies and make a significant contribution in his future professional work.”

Congratulations Abou! You are the 2019-2020 recipient of Webucator’s Computer Science Scholarship! We are happy to award you $1,000 to be used to help pay for your education.


InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop: What’s the Right Adobe App for the Job?

InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop are the trinity when it comes to graphic design. Although these Adobe apps integrate with each other, each one has its own strengths, and that can be confusing for decision makers outside the production department to understand. The first step is to define the kinds of projects that will be worked on, and what those projects will involve.

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Preparing for the Adobe Certified Associate Exam

Becoming an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) means that you’ve demonstrated basic proficiency with various software such as Photoshop or Dreamweaver. The ACA program is specifically structured for learners just starting out in their careers and those wishing to enter a new industry.

There are timed ACA exams for each program in Adobe Creative Suite, consisting of 40 questions each. The exams include questions on the tools and some basic functions within each application, as well as questions on best industry practices. While ACA certifications alone don’t take the place of a strong portfolio, the learning process provides an opportunity to develop your own design work and demonstrate entry-level competency to prospective employers.

Two ACA Specialist certificates are also available which require the successful completion of multiple ACA exams within a period of three years: ACA Visual Design Specialist and ACA Web Design Specialist.

Webucator offers introductory and advanced training for a wide array of Adobe products. Please visit the links below to learn more about training for ACA Specialist programs:

ACA Visual Design Specialist

Introduction to Illustrator
Introduction to InDesign
Introduction to Photoshop

ACA Web Design Specialist

Introduction to Animate
Introduction to Dreamweaver
Introduction to Photoshop


Best New Features in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

Since its release 28 years ago, Photoshop has become the favorite imaging software of both professional and hobbyist photographers and illustrators the world over, as well as an essential tool in virtually every company’s marketing and advertising groups. The latest version, Photoshop CC 2018, brings a host of new features that may not seem impressive at first glance, but on deeper inspection, make significant improvements on workflow efficiency. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Sharing on the Fly

In the past, if you needed to share a high-resolution image with a client, or post to social media, it involved creating a copy of the flattened file, and then downsizing it, all of which takes time. The new Share button lets you share a low-resolution version to email, as well as a range of social media outlets and cloud services. It doesn’t get any easier. Simply type a caption and off it goes.

The Curvature Pen Tool

Creating paths using the Pen Tool has been a source of frustration for many a novice over the years. The Curvature Pen Tool changes all that. There’s no longer a need to manipulate Bezier handles when creating curved line segments – you simply drag it to the bend you want. Turning closed paths into shapes is also a breeze.

To learn about this new tool, visit How to Use the Curvature Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Variable Fonts Support

Photoshop has never been known for robust typography control, so if you didn’t have access to InDesign or Illustrator, you were pretty limited. Now, when using a variable font, there are built-in sliders for changing weight and thickness.

To learn more, visit How to Work with Variable Fonts in Photoshop.

Enhanced Brush Control

Smoothing features have been added that allow more control over curved strokes, as well as allowing you to continue a stroke after you’ve released the mouse. A brush symmetry feature has been added that lets you mirror brush strokes on two axes. There’s also improved brush management that lets you organize brushes into folders and sub-folders. If you’re like me, and collect brushes on a regular basis, this will save tons of time.

To learn about one of these new features, visit How to Work with Stroke Smoothing in Adobe Photoshop.

Other notable features include:

  • Easy access to Lightroom images
  • Select and Mask improvements
  • Group layer copy/paste
  • 360 panorama controls
  • Support for Microsoft Dial
  • Exclusive brushes
  • And much more

Webucator Awards 2017-18 Computer Science Scholarship

Webucator offers a Computer Science scholarship annually to support a student who shows potential for leadership in the field of Computer Science. Once again, there was a lot of interest in the scholarship this year and we had great candidates to choose from. We are happy to announce that we have selected Albert A. as the recipient of our 2017-2018 scholarship. Albert is currently enrolled at Rutgers University and is transferring to Columbia University in the fall.

Albert, congratulations! You are the recipient of Webucator’s $1,000 Computer Science Scholarship for the 2017-18 year! Computer science is an exciting field in which to work and we think and hope you will have an exciting career!

Webucator’s Computer Science Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who shows potential for leadership in the field of Computer Science. The deadline to apply for the 2018-2019 academic year is March 31, 2018.


MOC 50331 Course Features and Updates

(The following is a guest blog from Neil Tucker, MOC 50331 trainer and course developer)

The 50331 course is designed to help candidates who want to work as and pass the Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technicians. It includes features to improve the learning experience of students and make it easier to review the material during and after class.

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