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Webucator Awards Computer Science Scholarship to University of Washington Student

Webucator offers a Computer Science scholarship annually to support a student who shows potential for leadership in the field of Computer Science. There was a lot of interest in the scholarship again this year and we are happy to award it to Hokyin (Joe) Ma, a student at the University of Washington. Hokyin has been interested in computer science since he was 12 years old and hopes to turn his passion into a career. Continue Reading »


Webucator Awards Computer Science Scholarship to University of Alabama Student

In October 2014 we announced that we would offer a scholarship to support a student who shows potential for leadership in the field of Computer Science. We were happy to find that there was a lot of interest in the scholarship and we are even happier to award it to Jared Beach, a student at the University of Alabama. Jared’s essay explaining how he plans to use computer science in his career set him apart from the other applicants.

Jared, congratulations! You are the recipient of Webucator’s $1,000 Computer Science Scholarship for the 2015-16 year! Computer science is an exciting field in which we think and hope you will have an exciting career!

Webucator’s Computer Science Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who shows potential for leadership in the field of Computer Science. The deadline to apply for the 2016-2017 academic year is March 31, 2016.


Love your Library

See, the sad thing about a guy like you is, in 50 years you’re gonna start doin’ some thinkin’ on your own and you’re going to come up with the fact that…  you dropped 150 grand on a f****n’ education you could have got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library!

Those are the wise words of the self-educated Will Hunting spoken to a cocky Harvard student in the classic 1997 movie, Good Will Hunting.

The Harvard student counters with, “Yeah, but I will have a degree. And you’ll be servin’ my kids fries at a drive-thru on our way to a skiing trip.” Continue Reading »


Part I: Experts Share Their Encouragement For Kids Getting Into Website Coding

In celebration of of our commitment to get kids excited about coding technologies in 2015, we’re asking experts to share their perspective on what technologies are most important within their careers and offer some motivation to our youngest generations. Here are some highlights of a few great perspectives we’ve received so far.

Based on your company’s focus, what skills would be most important for our youngest kids to start learning as soon as they can? Continue Reading »


Webucator Announces New Kids Coding Initiative

Technology is rapidly changing the way the world works. For our workforce to stay competitive in the decades to come, our children must learn to write code. Organizations like Code.org are working to ensure all kids have the opportunity to learn computer science and to get kids excited about coding. We want to help too.

Webucator provides technology and business training to companies and organizations. We have developed a wide selection of self-paced technology courses, including courses on web development, which we sell to companies and organizations. In 2014, we started giving these courses away to library patrons around the country and to homeschool students. To date, over 2,000 kids have enrolled in our courses at no cost!

Effective immediately, any high school or college student in the United States can take our self-paced courses for free. Continue Reading »


Part III: Authoring Tips For National Novel Writing Month

In celebration of National Novel Writers Month, we’re asking authors their perspective on novel writing and some thoughts to share with aspiring writers. We also offered a perspective from two of our trainers in this past blog. We wanted to highlight a few great perspectives we’ve received so far.

Donna McDonald, Author
Readers motivate me to keep writing. There is no other answer. They send me emails and messages, and they talk to me on social media about reading my books. This interaction keeps me going back to the computer to finish the next story in each series because I know some reader somewhere is waiting for it.

Jenna Kernan, Author
I write because it is a pleasure, a struggle, a puzzle and a joy. When I write, time can cease. as I slip into the ‘zone‘. This is the most important reason to write–because I love it. Continue Reading »


An Ode To Novel Writers

We’re excited to celebrate National Novel Writer’s Month in November! As part of our recognition of novel writers, we’re asking others to share their thoughts for aspiring novel writers. We’ll be adding a blog series highlighting different perspectives throughout the month.

Two of our own great trainers are published authors: Roger Sakowski, who teaches Java classes, wrote a novel entitled From an Otherwise Comfortable Room.  And Janie Sullivan, who teaches business skills classes, has written multiple articles in magazines and newspapers, books on writing and teaching, fiction anthologies, and hundreds of online content articles.

Both Roger and Janie love to write, but they don’t make they’re living doing it.  We’ve asked them to share their stories with our readers. Continue Reading »


Webucator Announces New Veterans Program

To help address both the need for workforce readiness training for our current and retired Veterans and the need US companies and organizations have for competent technology professionals, Webucator will provide free technology training to all of our Veterans.

This includes courses on web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, more), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Project), Photoshop, Dreamweaver, SQL, XML, and more. These are the same courses we sell to companies and organizations. Continue Reading »