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New .NET Design Patterns Training Course at Webucator

Webucator is offering a new .NET Design Patterns course.

This course is intended for experienced .NET developers looking to broaden their knowledge and skills by building complex applications that are more maintainable, extensible, and adaptive to change.

The course was written to address the importance for programmers to learn how to use design patterns and best practices to create applications that are easy to modify after initial development. User requirements and technologies change, and the using best practices in this area allows programmers to manage those changes.

This course was written by Jason Bell, who has been writing code since 1982 and teaching .NET development for over 13 years. Jason says, “Design patterns in software have been around since at least 1994 when I began using them in C++ applications. When .NET 1.0 was released, I tried, with limited success, to use those same techniques in .NET Windows and Web applications. Fortunately, in recent years, Microsoft has begun to give serious attention to making it easier for developers to use things like unit testing and dependency injection in their applications. With technologies like WPF and ASP.NET MVC, it is much more natural (and I would argue necessary) to employ the patterns and practices taught in this course.”


Creating a SharePoint 2010 Web Part with Visual Studio 2010

This is a video demonstration of how to create a basic Web Part for SharePoint 2010 using Visual Studio 2010. The intent of the video is to showcase how easy it is to create, package and deploy a Web Part into a test environment with the latest tools. The demonstration was done on a Virtual Machine running under Hyper-V with Visual Studio installed along side SharePoint. If you have any questions for us, leave a comment below. Enjoy! Continue Reading »


How to View Data Validation Exceptions in Silverlight 4

This is a video demonstration of how to view data validation exceptions in Silverlight 4. Silverlight silently suppresses exceptions that occur when invalid data is applied to a bound object. Setting the binding expressions ValidatesOnExceptions to true will cause the UI controls to automatically display any validation errors generated by the bound data.

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Retrieving, Converting and Sending Images from SQL Server via WCF to Silverlight

I have posted several short video demonstrations of various aspects of building a Silverlight application.  The application was purposefully simple in order to highlight some of the new tools and techniques in Visual Studio 2010 as well a one video using Expression Blend 4.  The main functionality of the Silverlight app was to make a call to a WCF service that returned back a collection of employee objects with data from the Employees table in Northwind’s database.  In my first few videos I was only getting a few fields of data.  In my last video I wanted to add the Photo field from the Employees table.  It seemed like an easy task but as is the case with many things it turned out to be a bit more complicated in the end. Continue Reading »