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How to Learn Microsoft PowerPoint: 12 Free and Paid PowerPoint Training Resources

Business professionals rely on Microsoft PowerPoint to present information.

At Webucator, a Microsoft Certified training company, we have delivered PowerPoint Training for sales representatives, technical professionals, data analysts, researchers, business managers, and many, many others.

From consulting with our customers, I’ve found that learning Microsoft PowerPoint is a continuous process. Even if you have used PowerPoint for many years, learning features like Slide Master and advanced multimedia tools can help you save time and improve the appearance of your presentations.

Many professionals learn Microsoft PowerPoint on their own. With self-taught skills you can create a decent presentation, but learning to use some of PowerPoint’s productivity tools will help you work more quickly. You will make more professional presentations with custom themes and advanced formatting. You will captivate your audience with 3D models and image effects.

Along with building your skills to create impressive PowerPoint presentations, learning Microsoft PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts can claim back time in your workday.

Hundreds of PowerPoint users, including expert PowerPoint trainers, have shared their favorite PowerPoint resources with me. Increase your PowerPoint skillset using the tutorials, books, guides, videos, etc., listed in this article.

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Animate a Table in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint, when you’re working with SmartArt or Charts, you have the ability to animate different parts of the graphic. For example, you can bring in a chart’s series one at a time. Tables are another story. A table comes in all at once. But there are things you can do if you want to “fill” your table a bit at a time. There are a few ways of accomplishing this, some being a lot of work. I’m going to look at a pretty simple method. Continue Reading »


WordArt in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

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Gridlines, Nudge, and Guides in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

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