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New Vue.js course

Webucator has added a new course Beginning Vue.js Training.

Vue.js is a JavaScript library for building modern web applications. This course teaches the fundamentals of Vue.js and then introduces Webpack followed by Vuex and Vue Router. This course is for JavaScript web developers who want to learn Vue.js.


Preparing for Angular 2

It’s official – Angular 2.0.0 was just released. If you have been putting off learning Angular 2 until it was finalized, that’s OK, but now is the time to get ready and to dive into it. In this post I will give you five steps that you can take to prepare for Angular 2:

  1. Use TypeScript
  2. Use @types Declaration Files
  3. Use Modules
  4. Use controllerAs
  5. Use Angular 1.5

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Drag-and-Drop Sortable with AngularJS and angular-ui-sortable

Setting up a drag-and-drop sortable list when using AngularJS is not a feature that comes packaged in the framework out of the box. To do this we will need to use one of the directives of AngularUI, a companion suite to the AngularJS framework. The component we will use is the angular-ui-sortable which is the jQuery UI sortable feature for Angular.

For this tutorial we will use the following libraries:

  • Bootstrap 3.x
  • AngularJS 1.5.x +
  • AngularUI Sortable
  • jQuery UI (required by AngularUI Sortable)

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Test-Driven Development Using React.js and ES6 Training

We have another new course at Webucator: Test-Driven Development (TDD) Using React.js and ES6.

Course author and trainer Chris Minnick says, “React.js is a revolutionary way to think about building web applications. Once you understand how React works and how to combine it with the right tools and techniques, it can make your code more reusable, more reliable, faster, and more fun to build.”

React is very new and there aren’t many all-in-one guides to learn everything you need to know to be effective with React. Chris wrote this course to fill that gap so that other developers wouldn’t have to go through the hundreds of hours of searching and trial and error that he went through.

The target student for this training class has some prior experience with JavaScript and wants to learn the latest tools and techniques for building fast and modular applications for the web.

Chris Minnick is a prolific author and trainer, and the CEO of WatzThis?. His published books include Writing Computer Code, JavaScript for Kids, Coding with JavaScript For Dummies, Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 For Dummies, Webkit For Dummies, CIW eCommerce Certification Bible, and New Riders’ XHTML.


Searchable Bootstrap Accordion Using Angular

The Bootstrap collapse plugin enables some nice functionality, including the ability to create an accordion. In this quick tutorial I want to show you how you can create a way to filter, or search, the data in the accordion. I will be using Angular 1.5 and Bootstrap 3, as well as TypeScript. I will also be using a remote JSON file to create the accordion using the Angular UI Bootstrap directive: uib-accordion. Let’s get started!

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Testing Web Pages in Old Versions of IE with Virtual PC

Testing on old versions of Internet Explorer can be a pain. I have used IE Tester a lot and it used to do a pretty good job, but lately it has been having trouble with IE7 and IE8.

One of my colleagues recently told me about these Virtual PC images provided by Microsoft explicitly for testing web pages on older versions of Internet Explorer. I downloaded and installed XPSP3-IE6.EXE, XPSP3-IE7.EXE, and XPSP3-IE8.EXE . Continue Reading »