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Preparing for the Adobe Certified Associate Exam

Becoming an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) means that you’ve demonstrated basic proficiency with various software such as Photoshop or Dreamweaver. The ACA program is specifically structured for learners just starting out in their careers and those wishing to enter a new industry.

There are timed ACA exams for each program in Adobe Creative Suite, consisting of 40 questions each. The exams include questions on the tools and some basic functions within each application, as well as questions on best industry practices. While ACA certifications alone don’t take the place of a strong portfolio, the learning process provides an opportunity to develop your own design work and demonstrate entry-level competency to prospective employers.

Two ACA Specialist certificates are also available which require the successful completion of multiple ACA exams within a period of three years: ACA Visual Design Specialist and ACA Web Design Specialist.

Webucator offers introductory and advanced training for a wide array of Adobe products. Please visit the links below to learn more about training for ACA Specialist programs:

ACA Visual Design Specialist

Introduction to Illustrator
Introduction to InDesign
Introduction to Photoshop

ACA Web Design Specialist

Introduction to Animate
Introduction to Dreamweaver
Introduction to Photoshop


HTML Attribute Values and Quotes (and Dreamweaver)

According to the W3C, HTML5 attribute values can be wrapped in single quotes or double quotes or no quotes at all. The same rules apply to HTML4, though some form of quotes is recommended. And in XHTML, values have to be wrapped in quotes, either single or double.

Dreamweaver CC 2015, out of the box, only wants double quotes around attribute values, which is weird. Misha Abesadze asked about this on the Adobe forum and Madhusudan N answered by describing how to fix Dreamweaver so that it doesn’t mark single-quoted attribute values with error messages. In the video below, we show the solution: Continue Reading »


Dreamweaver Tutorial For Beginners: Recorded Webinar

If you want to learn Dreamweaver, this recorded webinar will get you started!

This 30-minute webinar introduces Adobe Dreamweaver to beginners. We will discuss the capabilities of Dreamweaver, explore the interface, give a quick introduction to the tools, and watch as a very simple HTML page is created. Dreamweaver CS5 is used in the webinar, but much of the information is applicable to other versions. Continue Reading »


Two Introduction to Web Design Webinars

If you’ve ever wondered how to learn web design, these webinars are the answer! These two webinars introduce attendees to the basics of web design and key web design concepts. Those interested in learning Dreamweaver should attend “Get Started with Adobe Dreamweaver” on October 27. Anyone looking to learn HTML is invited to “Introduction to HTML” on December 14. Each webinar will provide helpful tips and suggest key resources. Below are the details for both webinars.

Continue Reading »


Free Dreamweaver Tutorial and Webinar

Do you want to learn how to use Dreamweaver? Webucator regularly provides Dreamweaver tutorials and Dreamweaver webinars. On October 27, our trainers will present a free Dreamweaver webinar to help you get started with this program! Click here to register. To get a sample of the content, check out the tutorial below, which shows you how to set up an HTML page in Dreamweaver. Continue Reading »