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Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Business

I attended a terrific webinar hosted by SocialMedia Examiner and picked up many social media marketing tips that I find to be both practical and easy to implement.  Here are the ones that most resonated with me.

Tip# 1: Video is Your New Darling

I say video has become the new darling for search engines. According to Forrester Research a properly submitted video is 50 times more likely to achieve a first-page Google ranking as compared with standard search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Thus, quality video content has tremendous SEO opportunities. Continue Reading »


How Hands-on Exercises Help You Learn Google Analytics

Google Analytics has about 80 standard reports. With various segmentation techniques coupled with advanced features such as custom reporting and custom segments, you are looking at numerous possible ways to analyze the data. Further Google Analytics allows a good deal of customization to meet your specific business needs. But with all these features, it’s easy to get lost. Continue Reading »